Saudi Arabia will receive ‘heavy assault’ vehicles from Canada’s arms deal

A arms deal with Saudi Arabia signed by former prime minister Stephen Harper in 2014 and further pushed by Justin Trudeau in 2016 will include a line of heavy assault vehicles, and and a team to maintain them.

A report from CBC says the line will include 928 of the most modern light armoured vehicles, known as the LAV 6, and 354 of them are standard troop carriers.

The deal includes 119 LAV 6 vehicles that have 105 millimetre canons affixed to their turrets, and another 119 with a 30 millimetre chain gun.

Saudi Arabia officials say the deal should remain private and or it will be “breaking the terms of the contract.”

The deal also includes a maintenance and training program which will send Canadian troops into potential war that Saudi Arabia may go into, however, not likely as most of these troops and maintenance personal would remain in protected and controlled area.

The Canadian government declined to comment on the privacy of the deal.


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