Rachel Notley has no change at winning another term if Kinder Morgan gets more delays

This is Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s last shot before she’s faced with a embarrassing loss in the 2019 provincial election.

The pipeline fight between Alberta and BC is out of hand, both are NDP governments and both are fighting for support from their respective provinces.

If Kinder Morgan doesn’t go, Rachel Notley will loose the election and BC Premier John Horgan will win support from his anti-pipeline voters, which won him the last election.

Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party are putting pressure on Notley to get construction started on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline project.

The project already has contractors selected including Midwest, Ledcor and Surerus, all professional and well-know pipeline companies.

Albertans rely on pipeline work since the oil crash of 2015, pipeline has paved the way for the surviving workers who gave up working in the oil patch.

The BC Government doesn’t care about jobs when it comes to building Pipelines, their commitment to green energy is stronger than ever before, but Albertans do care about pipeline jobs to feed their families and survive, and it seems like this will be the deciding factor between of the next Alberta, and BC election cycle, only time will tell.

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Meagan Kozlovs

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