Portugal has the highest earnings gap within European Union (EU)

According to the EU statistics office, between 2011 and 2016, the gender pay gap in Portugal increased by 4.6%, standing at 17.5% in 2016, down just 0.3%  of the previous year.

Portugal is one of ten Member States where gender pay differentials have increased over the period after close review, with Slovenia being followed closely at (4.5%).

Nevertheless, the wage gap within the EU fell by 0.6% from 16.8% in 2011 to 16.2% in 2016, driven mainly by ‘breaks’ in Romania (4.4%), Hungary (4% ), Spain and Austria (both 3.4%), Belgium (3.3%) and the Netherlands (3%).

At the European level, according to Eurostat data, the Member States that led the gender pay gap back in 2016 were Estonia (25.3%), the Czech Republic (21.8%), Germany (21.5%), the United Kingdom (21%) and Austria (20.1%).

Romania (5.2%), Italy (5.3%), Luxembourg (5.5%), Belgium (6.1%), Poland (7.2%), Slovenia (7.8%) and Croatia 8.7%) were countries that were below ten percent.

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