Personalized Christmas cards are a nice touch this holiday

Personalizing Christmas Cards

Personalized Christmas cards no longer means a message handwritten on the inside of a painted Christmas scene or Santa decorated card. In today’s technologically savvy time a personalized Christmas card now includes choices such as: pictures, borders, frames, collages, messages, and embossed foil. By using websites such as: VistaPrint, Shutterfly, Snapfish, or CardsDirect the possibilities of personalization are only limited to the imagination and budget. Its not only fun to do, but it is economical.

In the time leading up to Christmas many companies that offer personalized Christmas cards will have huge mark offs to gain customers. Cards designed by the customer can be as cheap as 0.30 cents. Shipping is an additional charge depending on the site and the ongoing sales, but that ranges from free to 10 dollars an order. Most companies will provide free shipping for orders that total over a specific amount.

Personalized Christmas cards do not take a lot of work to complete. Simply choose a company, upload your pictures, place them within a card, and have them shipped. You can order multiple or individual cards. There is no need to send the same card to your office manager as you would your mother. With a few simple clicks a personalized Christmas card is ready for sending and is a memorable keepsake.

So instead of sending family, friends, employees, or employers the same boring card off a shelf decide to personalize a card. Not only does it give the impression that you care enough to take time to make something, but it also is an item people will enjoy placing for all to see in their home or office. To save time you can have cards mailed straight from the printing company. Who can’t appreciate that?

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