MUXE: Real-Estate Listing Platform

How does one start a successful company? This question can probably be answered in many different
ways but the one way that the MUXE team believes is that there is no specific way. The foundation of
every successful company going from Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, and others is that these
companies always started with one singular idea. These companies took these ideas and used an
economy of scale and proceeded adaptively to create a small network of successes and then expanded
and created new ideas to fit the new situation they were in. As time went on these companies had
grown so large by constantly innovating they had effectively turned into a monopoly.

The opportunity to start such an innovative technology lies in the blockchain. Blockchain allows companies like MUXE to reinvent the wheel a little bit. The world is a bit fuzzy around blockchains at the moment just like how no one understood how the internet worked back in the 1990s. When Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he did it because the laws on sales taxes had not yet caught up with internet sales.

He could sell items online without sales tax thus giving Amazon a leg up on any traditional brick and mortar stores. Customers could go online, order a book, get it delivered right to their door and have paid less money. That convenience is what helped propel (in addition to proceeding adaptively) Amazon to the giant it is today. Fast forward a few years to the blockchain, similar to the internet we are entering charters unknown.

The government still doesn’t understand it fully and it is not completely regulated yet. This is
how MUXE will be able to put a solid foot in the ground. The MUXE team knows there is no singular path to success but they want to do one thing: Bridge the gap between global Real-Estate markets.

By creating a listing service that helps cut costs for clients, speeds up a settlement, and provides more
options for clients. The potential for the upward creation of value is very large, and with the advent of smart contracts within blockchains like Ethereum for example, the potential for creating value and capturing a majority of it is massive. Clients will be able to save money and the medium that helps connect two parties together will also be able to capture a large percentage of the value thus helping clients and helping to increase value for the company.

By taking the approach, it does, MUXE is setting itself up to be an innovative monopoly that will ultimately bring incredible amounts of value to investors and clients alike. The time is ripe to take blockchain technology and cryptocurrency seriously.

As MUXE grows so will its mission. The mission to make the real-Estate market more liquid is just the beginning and with hard work and perseverance, new technologies and strategies that people cannot even imagine yet will start to form.

MUXE will be one of the greatest ideas to come out of the blockchain revolution: Tokenized Real-Estate! MUXE was started in January of 2018 and only has upward mobility from there. Be on the lookout for news about MUXE!

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Emmy Skylar

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