Medicine Hat Mayor: “The mayor of Montreal is a moron”

The Mayor of Medicine Hat had some harsh words for anti-Pipeline Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

Coderre told reporters the cancellation of the Energy Easy project is a victory.

“I’ve been saying since Day 1 that (TransCanada was) arrogant and condescending,” Coderre said Thursday morning. “It’s an enormous victory.”

Canada buys their oil from the Middle East instead of from their own western provinces, Energy East would have carried 1.1 million barrels to the east coast every day.

Denis Coderre has been against the project since the start gaining criticism across Canada.

Medicine Hat Mayor Ted Clugston responded to the French Mayor.

“The mayor of Montreal is, frankly, a moron,” he said. “You have the mayor of Vancouver who is similar, who would rather buy oil from a dictatorship and have it imported.”

Brad Wall put in his own opinion on the Montreal Mayor.

Energy East would have created 15,000 jobs and a $50 billion economy, after many years of planning the project came to a halt overnight.

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Benjamin Diaz

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  1. Since Denis Coderre is pouring filth and garbage into saint Lawrence River and claim to be environment friendly then Benjamin, I think those who camp can easily dump their waste into the river nearby and claim ‘environmental friendly just like Coderre.
    If it is good for the goose must be good for the gander
    Also, since the liberals accept Morneau/Shepel evasion from paying Canadian taxes; then we can all do the same.. providing, canadians have the money to do so.

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