Mars One: Road to Bankruptcy

Mars One is that company that wanted to put humanity on the red planet. However, it has met an unexpected ending. The mission was declared bankrupt in January, but apparently, it was not reported until someone had found the listing. The aim of the company was to colonize the red planet.

Mars One got split into two organizations

Mars One was split into two projects: the Mars One Foundation, which was a non-profit, and Mars One Ventures, which was a for-profit. It was declared bankrupt by a Basel court on the 15th of January. At that time, it was estimated at about $100 million. The UK-registered branch, Mars One, was a dormant company that had a bit less than £20,000 in its accounts.

What do we know about Mars One Foundation?

There is no data whatsoever about the Mars One Foundation, which managed to fund itself by charging its commercial partners with licensing fees. The foundation is still operating, but it will not be able to operate anymore without some investment in it. They are currently working to find a solution to this problem.

How could they solve the problem?

They believe that the answer does not stand in governments or in philanthropy, but on TV. Mars One could make a really good reality show if they filmed the colonization process – how they returned potential colonists and maybe with some documentaries about them. That would be a hell of a show!

The last announcement that was made by Mars One happened in July 2018, when they talked about an investment deal with Phoenix Enterprises. Phoenix Enterprises said to fund the company with €12 million, which was worth about $14 million.




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