Majestic Oil and Gas producer in Lousiana has been running in the USA since 1992

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We are expert in oil and gas, professional team, fully equipment and extensive documents of 2800 oil wells. We are happy to announce that we reserve up to 1 million barrels of crude oil for only for $20 per barrel. While the current martket price is around $64/barrel. That’s 320% return base on today price.

Also we are create the first digital oil coin that back by crude oil. Oil coin has the same benefits just like bitcoin. Transfer value P2P within minutes, no third party involve, borderless, secure and best of all, the oil coin cannot go down to zero because it pegs by the oil price. Small or larger investors in the world can participate in an investment that has a incredible 300% plus return base on the current oil price.
Here how it works

1) Send cryptocurrecies to our wallet, send your wallet to our email so we can transfer oil coin to you ASAP.

2) If send cash then email us for our banking information

3) You can sell our oil coin on exchange or anybody else for profit.

4) Or 4 months later, you redeem the oil coin to us for huge 300% estimate base on future oil price.

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