Jagmeet Singh gives oilfield workers and their families the middle finger

New NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has some balls.

Recently the National Observer sat down with Jagmeet Singh for a interview about oilfield jobs and the future of their careers.

Singh says oilfield workers don’t want their jobs anymore.

“If you asked anyone working in any job, whether it’s, you know, in one region (of) the country or another, if you ask them, ‘Hey do you want to have a job that lasts five years, 10 years, or a job that lasts your lifetime, that will last as long as you’re able to earn?’ Everyone’s going to say, ‘I’d rather have a job that lasts for a lifetime, that lasts my entire working life,'” Singh says referring to the Energy Sector in Alberta.

“There are certain sectors that aren’t going to be able to create jobs that are long-lasting. That’s just the economic reality, given the shift that we’re seeing,” he added.

Singh plans to reduce emissions twice as fast as the Trudeau government by adding more carbon tax and investing in solar and wind energy, kinda like Kathleen Wynne did in Ontario, results of which cost thousands of dollars in energy bills paid every month by the middle class.

Singh also praised the fact that Saskatchewan Premier Brall Wall resigned, saying it will be easier to impose carbon tax in Saskatchewan.

“Well Brad Wall’s now resigned, so that’s going to be easier, to bring [carbon tax] on Saskatchewan.”

He also celebrated the fact that Energy East got cancelled and has high hopes for Kinder Morgan to be cancelled as well.

“I’ve indicated that I’m not supportive of Energy East — no longer an issue — and that based on these three criteria I don’t also support the Kinder Morgan project.”

Thousands of oilfield workers have worked their whole lives raising their families from jobs in the oilfield, Jagmeet Singh stabs them in the back and gives them the middle finger, the blood, sweat and tears oil workers have to endure to feed their family don’t mean anything anymore if Singh gets elected in 2019.

His middle finger keeps rising higher every time he has an interview concerning oil workers.

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