Is The Current Cash In Bank Asya Supporting Terrorism?

The Asya bank was once a prominent bank in Turkey but not anymore. However, in recent reports, it has been revealed that the Supreme Court Of Appeals in Turkey has ruled the money lying in the bank as supporting terrorism.

It has been revealed that the money in Asya bank could be supporting terrorism as it is believed to be supporting a terrorist organization. The Asya bank is also believed to be tied to a Turkish government through the much controversial Gulen movement. The bank has said to be supporting that. However, the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency has made a step to cancel the banking permissions as of now and close the bank as well.

While speaking at a press conference, a representative of the Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency said, “The money that is lying in Asya bank is said to be linked directly to the organization. The teachers money is said to be supporting it and therefore, there is quick evidence that it might be supporting a terrorist organization”. “This is a crime, he further added, is punishable by years behind the bars”.

It has also been revealed that those who were making transactions at Asya bank before it was defunct were those that were making big transactions. This money was freeing easily and might have been going to unwanted organizations. The Gulen movement is a severely restricted and a movement that is not favored by the masses. It is said to be working directly with the terrorist organizations and has clearly been ruled as one as well.

The Asya bank had been operational for a while now and it has now been observed that the money coming in this bank belonged to people associated directly with the Gulen movement. The Gulen movement came under a lot of scrutiny for being a leading terrorist organization. They had been opposed and severely backed down but it was a little known fact that the money coming in the Asya bank was one that was supporting this movement directly.

Later on as the conference proceeded, the representative also added, “This is the government’s direct efforts to preserve the integrity of this state as a terrorist free state. He also said that the government will take all necessary measures to prevent all kinds of activities involved with terrorism or terrorist activities”.

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