Is online gambling hurting Canada?

The issue of legalized gambling is a very complex one. It could seem like a you are either for it or against kind of thing, but there is really a lot more to it. Yes, there are people who object to gambling for morale reasons, and there are those who support it as a “Freedom to choose” kind of thing. However, that is not the end of the story when it comes to gambling.

Canada has some less restrictive laws when it comes to gambling. In particular, the legalization of online wagering has made Canada a bit of a haven for those who want to get out from under the nose of regulations imposed in the United States. That being said, some worry that online gambling actually sucks money out of Canadian industry and makes for a less than desirable situation.

Gambling online means that the place where one is spending their money does not reinvest any of those funds into local communities. They are also often able to get out of paying a lot of the taxes that are associated with wagering. Therefore, even less money gets back to the places that it needs to go in the Canadian community. This all spells out disaster for local communities that simply thrive when it comes to getting their gambling revenue.

There are national lottery games that do not see as many funds wagered on them, and gamblers end up with less money in their pockets to spend in their local communities. At the end of the day, problems abound from all sides, and that is how we end up with truly disastrous results from gambling that we did not expect. When you weight all of this in, it starts to make sense why some people are so adamantly opposed to the gambling industry in general. There are at least some things that one can point to as being rather objectionable about it, particularly when that gambling is done online.

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