Fight on Twitter: Trump and Newsom and How Trump Wants His Money Back

There were some tweets between President Donald Trump and the California Gov. Gavin Newsom about the federal funding for the state’s bullet train project. This happened on Wednesday.

It’s been said that California was forced to cancel the entire project after they already paid for it with billions of dollars. Trump wants the money back, and he wants it now. He said that they owe the Federal Government about three and a half billion dollars.

Gavin Newsom talked about the results of a research conducted, that found that Pacific Gas & Electric was not the one to be responsible for the Tubbs Fire that took place in Sacramento, California, on the 24th of January, 2019.

However, the project was not canceled

Newsom said that the transportation project, which was under construction at that time, has seen the prices go more than double. He also said that the project was limited to a route from Merced to Bakersfield, from the Central Valley.

With all the numbers and its state right now, and keeping in mind all of the plans, the project would cost way too much and would take too long to be done. He said that there was not enough transparency given to this project.

He mentioned that there is not a single way from Sacramento to San Diego, so there cannot be one from San Francisco to L.A, even though he wishes. Responding to Trump’s tweets, Newsom said that he was desperately searching for money in his fund to build the wall on the Southwest border. He then proceeded to say that it’s all fake news and that they are building at high speed, connecting the Central Valley with its surroundings. The money was allocated by the Congress.

He then said that he is not giving the money back.




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