Does Canada have enough gun laws?

The tragic shooting rampage that took place in Las Vegas over the past weekend has once again sparked the debate over gun control in the US Parliament.

Additionally, the recurrence of these mass shooting incidents has raised concerns among Canadians over the adequacy of local firearm laws.

One of the major issues that have received considerable attention in this regard is the availability of “bump stocks.” Bump stocks make use of gun recoils to thrust the gun’s trigger into the finger of the shooter. This turns semi-automatic guns into effectively functioning automatics.

The Las Vegas shooter used bump stocks on his rifles when he opened fire of the crowd, leaving 58 dead and about 500 injured.

While bum stocks are legal and easily available for sale in Nevada and other US states, they are completely banned in Canada.

It is indeed true that the firearms laws in Canada are far stricter than those in the US. However, the purchase of semi-automatic rifles is legal under certain conditions.

Falling under the “restricted category,” semi-automatic rifles require a buyer’s license and recognized gun club membership to be legally purchased.

Obtaining a firearms license is a cumbersome process – it’s not easy to obtain one, after you pass the Canadian firearms safety course and clear the federal background checks, you need to wait at least 28 days before the license is issued to you.

The law also requires restricted firearms to have a trigger lock, these firearms have to be carried in a hard-shell case that is lockable.

Is this enough to prevent incidents like Las Vegas?

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Meagan Kozlovs

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  1. “Falling under the “restricted category,” semi-automatic rifles require a buyer’s license and recognized gun club membership to be legally purchased.”

    NOPE! Most semi auto rifles are classified as Non-Restricted & Semi Auto rifles that use centre fire cartridges must have their magazines pinned at 5 rounds. Many are used for hunting, and you don’t have to be a gun club member for any firearm, restricted or otherwise. This is a myth that is not written in law, but is the result of laws stating you can only fire a restricted firearm on a registered range although you can keep one locked in your safe. The only ones restricted are those with a very short barrel, and of course the ones that were black and scary looking back when the Liberals were circling the scary ones in a copy of gun digest(no kidding here.. That’s how the restriction were done). This is why the AR15 if imported today would be as it should be, a non restricted rifle. Restrictions are based entirely on it’s looks. Other than Full Auto firearms, Canadian gun restrictions are based largely on what the fire arm looks like, and how tight a liberal’s sphincter will close when he or she sees one.

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