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Fighting Belle is an amazing independent comedy realized by Sean Riley and written by Antonio Gangemi, Aimee Parrott and Sean Riley. The film stars Jessica Harthcock, Ryan Czerwonko, Noah Cook, Sherri Eakin, Joel Rogers and Carol Ann Scruggs.

The story tells about a young woman is abandoned on her wedding day, she will take revenge on him by taking boxing classes and confronting him in the ring.

This amazing comedy was crowdfunded on Indiegogo website and speaks about girl power.
The subjects revealed in this film are perseverance, a change of life, new goals and woman revenge on her past life, too. It also reveals a contrast between a naive young woman and the sometimes brutal world of boxing, while revealing a love story and a moving evolution.

The film marks the exceptional interpretation of Jessica Hartcock, who helped Noah Cook, make it a film as light as romantic.
The roles of Joel Rogers and Carol Ann Scruggs and Ryan Czerwonko in ex-fiancé are also excellent.

To know the rest of this film was released in 2017 in some cinemas, you will have to watch more on amazon.

Buy it on Amazon.

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