Cities of Canada with the highest rents

If you are in Toronto and are looking to rent a home, you may not like this news very well.

The Padmapper website published its report on the value of rents throughout Canada this week, and, without surprising to anyone, Toronto continues to lead this list.

The average rental price of a two-bedroom apartment reached $ 2,550 in the month of February 2018, which represents a slight increase of 1.2% compared to last month, but went up 15.9% in the last 12 months .
As for one-bedroom homes, the metropolis of Ontario registers an average rent of $ 2,060 , the highest price in all of Canada.

Vancouver follows in the category of one-bedroom rentals ($ 1,990).

However, renting a two-bedroom home reached $ 3,200 in the city in the western part of the country.

There is no good news for Montreal either.

While the average rent for a two-bedroom home is $ 1,660 that is still significantly cheaper than in Toronto, it should be noted that prices in this category have increased 5.10% in the last month and 9.2% in the last 12 months.

Regarding one-bedroom homes, Padmapper says that the average price in Montreal is $ 1,350 per month.

In comparison, Quebec City records an average rental of $ 950 for two rooms and $ 750 for a single room.

This portal analyses the prices of the hundreds of thousands of ads that have rental homes throughout Canada, in order to calculate the monthly average of a rental.

In their methodology, they clarify that short-term rentals, such as those of Airbnb, are not included.

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