Canada Probably Won’t be Excluded from Aluminum, Steel Tariffs

The Trump administration’s new steel and aluminum tariffs were all that anyone was talking about on political talk-shows over the weekend. With the administration getting ready to make a final announcement this week, Trump advisor Peter Navarro and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross may have given us a hint during their interviews on Sunday as to whether Canada will be excluded from the tariffs.

The Decision Has Been Made

Peter Navarro said that while certain industries could get an exemption, that no country will be excluded from the tariffs. “There’ll be an exemption procedure for particular cases where we need to have exemptions so business can move forward,” Navarro said during an interview on CNN. Some people are hoping that this means Canada’s auto sector, which is the top supplier of aluminum and steel to the United States, could be one of the exemptions. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has said that there is very little chance President Trump will change his mind before the final announcement this week. “Trump has made a decision at this point. If he for some reason should change his mind, then it’ll change. I have no reason to believe he’s going to change his mind.”

No Exemptions

During an interview on Fox News, Navarro expanded on his earlier statement that President Trump would not be changing his mind and exempt certain countries “As soon as he starts exempting countries he has to raise tariffs on everybody else. As soon as he exempts one country his phone starts ringing from the heads of state of other countries.” When he was asked specifically about Canada he stated “Canada’s 40 percent of the (American aluminum) market. If you exempt Canada, then you have to put big, big tariffs on everybody else. So this is a measured, targeted approach.”

It seems as though many Americans are just as worried about the tariffs being imposed on Canada as Canadians are, as that was the main area of conversation on all the Sunday political shows.

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