Canada Jetlines Secures a Place in the List of Low-Cost Airlines to Abbotsford

Good news for travellers commuting from the Abbotsford International Airport – there will now be more low-cost flight options available for them to choose from.

Canada Jetlines recently revealed their plan to introduce Abbotsford to Hamilton air service by next summer. The company thereon plans to expand their flights network beyond the said route in the near future.

Canada Jetlines – the country’s ultra-low cost commercial carrier – joined the likes of WestJet and Flair Airlines to provide economical alternatives to major airlines operating from Abbotsford.

Mayor Henry Braun of Abbotsford is of the opinion that the city may become the ultimate destination for low-cost flights.

“This isn’t a fancy airport, but it is a very efficient airport, which means we can pass off those costs to the air carriers,” he stated.

Canada Jetlines – just like most other low-cost airlines – plans to keep the ticket prices low by applying extra charges on onboard drinks, flight selection, and extra baggage.

While Canada Jetlines feel they’re making a lucrative investment, travel experts hold a different opinion. These experts have warned travellers to be careful when purchasing tickets because most low-cost airlines don’t usually last long term.

“We’ve seen these airlines not succeed…Our fingers are crossed that they will, but you need to protect yourself,” says Claire Newell – a travel expert – referring to airlines like Zoom and Greyhound Air that ceased operations in a similar fashion.

Even with the uncertainty surrounding these low-cost airlines operating from the city, the people of Abbotsford believe that the operations will improve and add new avenues of economic growth for the region.

“This was a diamond in the rough, and we’re polishing that diamond…You’re going to start seeing some fantastic things happening here,” Mayor Henry Braun added in connection with the city-run airport.

The tickets for Canada Jetlines Abbotsford-Hamilton route will be up for sale in spring next year.

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