Best Paying Jobs: Truckers Want To Set the Record Straight

Indeed Canada revealed that the “salary” of owner/operator Truck drivers was $144,969 on average, depending on positions posted in the last twelve months.

On Wednesday, many in the industry reacted strongly by affirming that Indeed confused salary with turnover.

“This does not include all the deductions that Owner operators have to assume,” said Pierre Pelletier, owner-truck driver and administrator of the Routier 2.0 group on Facebook, which was literally taken by storm.

Unlike truckers who are salaried, truckers-owners have to assume a lot of expenses related to the operation of their vehicle such as gasoline, maintenance costs, insurance and many other charges such as registrations that ‘ Raise almost $ 2,800 a year to travel on Quebec roads. These expenses often represent up to 60% of the revenues generated, repeated many speakers.

“In general, truckers in the urban sector, who are represented by us, make between $ 40,000 and $ 45,000 a year,” said Stéphane Lacroix, Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Teamsters Québec.

Truckers, who agree to travel long distances, earn an average of $60,000 per year, he says for 60-hour work weeks.

“If I were to earn $145,000 a year, I would have retired a long time ago,” said a truck driver who contacted Debate Report.

According to Bernard Boulé, Managing Director of the Workforce Sector Committee of the Quebec Road Transport Industry (Camo-Route), owner truckers should be seen as small businesses.

“In the data of Indeed, one has to ask whether all the costs have been taken into account. These expenses reduce the income of the trucker-owner. The issue of truck driver compensation is complex, “he said.

Camo-route maintains that the average annual salary of an employee driver in Quebec is approximately $ 52,000. In addition, there are social benefits, depending on the company (salary and health insurance, social leave, holidays, pension plans, etc.). In 2016-2017, 22,717 new hirings were foreseen in this area, By the shortage of manpower.

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