BC Mosque with criminal and terrorism ties to receives $53k from Taxpayers

The Masjid Alhidayah & Islamic Cultural Centre in Port Coquitlam BC is to receive $53,000 in government funding in the form of grants to beef up security for hate-motivated crimes.

Sources say the mosque received funding from people linked to a militant Islamist group knows as Hamas.

The mosque was fined almost $10,000 after the Canada Revenue Agency found questionable transactions while doing a audit, including $66,028 in grocery and pharmacy spending.

The former director of the mosque, Saadeldin Bahr was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison after sexually assaulting a woman in the mosque in 2013, he had control of most of the finances the mosque received.

The mosque is receiving protection from the federal government because the CRA didn’t revoke their license, therefore they are entitled to government funding.


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