20 Tons of Gold from Venezuela to Get to Dubai?

There are about 20 tons of gold waiting to be shipped to Venezuela, and there is so much mystery around them.

We have heard that a Russian airplane had at its board the gold, but a Venezuelan lawmaker said at one point that the airplane was there to steal it. However, the plane left without the gold. A cargo plane has landed directly from Dubai, the thing that made people talk – is the gold really there?

How much is the gold worth?

Nicolas Maduro, who’s the authoritarian rules has tried to stop the international pressure to give up power. However, the gold bars are now a great concern for both Venezuela and abroad. It is valued at $850 million, which means that we are talking about an important source of wealth in a country that is collapsing under the leadership of Maduro.

An unexpected turn of events

Marco Rubio is a senator from Florida that had helped in putting the USA in a higher position when it came to the Maduro regime. He tweeted about calling out the Noor Capital of The United Arab Emirates due to the fact that a firm controlled the gold transaction with the Venezuelan authorities. Rubio wanted to warn the firm, saying that the airline and the firm would take the gold away and will be subject to U.S. Treasury sanctions.

According to some sources, last Thursday, 20 tons of gold were just taken out of the central bank. They were weighed and then separated for the shipment. At that time, the cargo plane was still in the airport in Caracas.

Many calls were made to Noor Capital’s Abu Dhabi office, but with no answer whatsoever. Also, the Venezuelan central bank spokesperson did not respond either to calls or messages.

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