Cheese heart study: Cheese does not increase risk of heart attack or strokes

NEW YORK (EON – More cheese please.. Cheese still may not be the healthiest thing in your diet, but at least it wont increase your risk of a heart attack. A new... Read more »

Aunt Jemima recall in Canada And U.S.

Three Aunt Jemima products are being recalled to Canada because they may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes . In a press release the company said: Pinnacle Foods Inc. is voluntarily recalling all... Read more »

Bombay Sapphire recall lcbo stores across Ontario recall super stiff booze

TORONTO ,fter consultation with Bacardi Canada , the LCBO recalled London Dry Gin Bombay Sapphire 1.14 liter bottles (No. LCBO 217281) because the volume of alcohol does not match Not at the... Read more »

Netflix adds 13 Reasons Why warning

TORONTO – A teenage girl takes her own life. The disturbing scene comes to haunt viewers throughout 13 Reasons Why. The new series from Netflix has attracted the wrath of mental health... Read more »

Canada’s Fentanyl crisis: a new record of overdoses established in British Columbia

VANCOUVER – British Columbia has long struggled with a huge drug problem, setting a new record this week by responding to 130 calls for an overdose in a single day. According to... Read more »

Vaccination coverage of Canadian children is “insufficient”, according to report

Recent outbreaks of infectious diseases in Canada are a “disturbing” reminder of insufficient immunization coverage in Canada, according to a new CD Howe Institute report. In 2011, Quebec reported over 700 cases... Read more »

Diet Soda Now Linked To Stoke And Dementia

Artificially sweetened drinks may increase the risk of stroke or dementia Daily consumption of “diet” drinks containing synthetic sweeteners may be linked to an increased risk of stroke or suffering from dementia,... Read more »

Human Umbilical Blood Used In Mouse Brains To Improve Memory: Study

Human Umbilical Blood Has Regenerated the Brains of Elderly Mice In a study published in Nature, investigators found that the protein TIMP2, found in human umbilical cord blood, improved learning and memory... Read more »

At eight months, girl weighs 38 pounds

The case of an eight-month-old Indian girl who already weighs 38 pounds worries her parents. Chahat Kumar, who lives in the province of Punjab, is the weight of an average of a... Read more »

U.S. Navy Bans Vaping after a series of “mishaps’

After a series of “mishaps,” the Navy says it will no longer allow sailors to bring electronic cigarettes onto its ships, submarines, aircraft, boats, craft and heavy equipment. “The prohibition applies to... Read more »