Sunscreen Could Become Dangerous With Water, Sun Exposure

Ottawa – Sunscreens can decompose by interacting with chlorinated water and solar radiation, giving rise to potentially dangerous products, Russian researchers warn. Scientists at Lemonosov University in Moscow have focused more specifically... Read more »

Gulf of St. Lawrence: two whales allegedly subjected to blunt trauma

Two North Atlantic right whales found dead in the Gulf of St. Lawrence seem to have suffered a blunt trauma, but it is still too early to rule out other causes that... Read more »

In Montreal, Obama reassures Canadians about the environment

If former US President Barack Obama reiterated his disappointment at the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Accord on Climate Change last week, he reassured himself that many environmental advances will survive... Read more »

Canadian Ebola vaccine looks promising

MONTREAL – A vaccine developed in Canada to fight the Ebola virus looks promising, according to a study published by the Journal of the Canadian Medical Association. The vaccine was tested in... Read more »

This Mother Requires A “White Doctor”

TORONTO – “You do not have a single white doctor in this clinic,” says a Mississauga mother in the suburbs of Toronto who does not want her son to be seen by... Read more »

Real fake tan can prevent skin cancer

After more than ten years of effort, researchers have discovered a substance capable of penetrating the skin and making it brown without exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun, thus avoiding the... Read more »

A Third Of Human Population Overweight

OTTAWA – The number of obese has more than doubled in 73 countries since 1980 and has continued to grow in others; This results in a large increase in diseases related to... Read more »

Services for Persons with Disabilities: CAMO to close in August

After 23 years of existence, the Workforce Adaptation Committee (OMB) for Persons with Disabilities will close its doors on August 31st. The Labor Market Partners Commission, its sole funder, did not renew... Read more »

Caffeine Drink Overdose Killed Teen

ATLANTA – A caffeine overdose has been ruled the cause of death of a South Carolina teenager last month, a state coroner reported on Monday. Richland County Coroner Gary Watts ruled out... Read more »

WHO Confirms New Ebola Outbreak In The Congo

KINSHASA  A new epidemic of Ebola haemorrhagic fever strikes the Democratic Republic of Congo. The virus has killed at least three people since April 22, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).... Read more »