Aboriginal Woman Attacked With Trailer Hitch Dies

Barbara Kentner, a 34-year-old native of Thunder Bay, died Tuesday morning after suffering injuries for more than five months. In January, she was hit by a trailer hitch thrown from a moving... Read more »

Health: New Challenges for the LGBTQ Community In Canada

TORONTO – In 2017, it is difficult to find a doctor with a clear understanding of the health problems of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer (LGBTQ) community, according to several... Read more »

New Book Deals With homeless LGBT Youth In Canada

Among homeless youth in Canada, between 20% and 40% are LGBT youth. This is one of the troubling findings of Where Am I Going To Go? Intersectional Approaches to Ending LGBTQ2S Youth... Read more »

The Aboriginal Women’s Survey team is resuming despite a wave of resignations

Following the concerns raised by the wave of resignations on the team of the National Survey of Missing and Deported Aboriginal Women and Girls (ENFFADA), Michèle Audette, one of the five commissioners,... Read more »

A few tricks to prevent the spread of bedbugs

Precautions Before Moving Make sure that your clothes, bedding and objects are free from bedbugs and are placed in watertight containers or bags before being moved to new locations. Keep your clothes,... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Uses Canada’s 150 Celebration To Talk About Aboriginal Issues

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that the 15 th anniversary of Confederation is the opportunity to “celebrate the achievements of our great country, to reflect on our past and at the present... Read more »

More than five tonnes of waste collected on Everest by a French NGO

More than five tons of garbage – gas cylinders, ropes, tents, preserves and plastics of all kinds – were picked up in May on the Nepalese side of Mount Everest by an... Read more »

Antibacterial Soaps Could Be Dangerous: Study

TORONTO – It is better to wash your hands rather than using hydroalcoholic gel. This was announced by some 200 researchers who co-authored a panel on June 20, “The Florence Statement” published in... Read more »

Biggest ever study notes: “Bees dying from pesticides”

A new study into the use of neonicotinoid pesticides that the controversial pesticides are dangerous to bees. The researchers found that honey bees were exposed to the chemicals are less likely to... Read more »

Patrons of Toronto restaurant exposed to hepatitis A

Toronto – Toronto Public Health is notifying anyone who has consumed beverages or food at O’Grady’s Restaurant, Church Street, June 7-23 that they may have contracted hepatitis A. The authorities confirmed that an... Read more »