Milky Way’s Outer Hydrogen Layer Ripples Caused By Ancient Galactic Merger

Throughout history, humanity always had an interest in the outer space, still wondering what’s up there and trying to solve the mysteries of our galaxy. A new study, conducted by a team... Read more »

New Android Q Beta 4 Update Available with Fresh Changes

Google has just relaunched Android Q’s fourth beta version after solving a glitch that made some Pixel smartphones to ‘bootloop.’ In other words, the devices were trapped in a continual state of... Read more »

Dead Zone That Affects The Gulf of Mexico To Increase In Size This Summer

The extended amount of May showers may lead to dangerous consequences for the Gulf of Mexico according to reports. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have released the latest annual Gulf forecast... Read more »

Scientists Miscalculate What Exoplanets Might House Alien Life

After some time spent on the subject, it was concluded that exoplanets thought to be safe for alien life to exist are, in fact, filled with toxic gases. A troubling fact due... Read more »

A Gigantic Impact Has Left Evidence on the Scottish Coast

Looking back 1.2 billion years ago, an asteroid with the size over 1 kilometer had smashed into Northwest Scotland. The first problem with after this impact was that scientists didn’t know for... Read more »

Earth might have to be moved from its orbit so it would avoid a terrible fate

A space engineer from the University of Glasgow has proposed a solution in order to save the Earth from the Sun’s ire when it will burn out and expand until it reaches... Read more »

Apollo’s lunar module named Snoopy might have been found

The lunar module from the Apollo 10 mission might have been found. Astronomers assume they detected the renown module, fifty years after it was launched into space by the staff. The lunar... Read more »

Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole Shown Feeding in This New Image

A massive whirlwind of gases migrates around a supermassive black hole that happens to be closest to Earth, as shown in this newly released image. The observations gave scientists hope it could... Read more »

Could Alien Life Be Found on Exomoons?

A distinguished astronomer has announced that alien life can be found on distant Moons, called Exomoons. The scientists have found 4.000 planets by now, but the number can go on. All the... Read more »

Newborn Gas Giants Observed Orbiting Faraway Star

PDS 70, a young star in faraway space, has been observed hosting two newly formed planets. They are classified as gas giants as evidenced by their continued growth, being received as very... Read more »