Canada Faced With A Diplomatic Disaster – Where’s Justin Trudeau

The relations between Canada and Saudi Arabia reached a new low after Canadian ambassador was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours. The move came as a huge shock to the... Read more »

Social Media giants might be meddling the midterm elections

The 2018 United States elections be held in the middle President Donald Trump’s term, November 6, 2018, all 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives and 35 of the 100... Read more »

Canadians Agree Trudeau’s Stance on Border Security is the start of a new ‘Crisis’

The entire world may have been against immigrants but Canada has always been a welcoming nation throughout its History. Perhaps, this is what has caused a wide-spread restlessness among Canadian citizens, who... Read more »

Canada imports 87,000 barrels oil per day from Saudi Arabia

Canada is the fifth largest oil producer in the world with most of the production coming from Alberta. While Canada imports most of their oil from the United Sates, about 11 percent... Read more »

Saudi Arabia Threatens War While Trudeau Flutters Like A Butterfly

The Prime Minister seems to be missing in action, again! First Justin Trudeau took nearly two weeks off, then on his first day back to work enjoyed a stroll at the Vancouver... Read more »

Facebook bans Alex Jones Pages for hate speech

Facebook has cracked down on conseervative content ever since Donald Trump ran for President. The recent victim is Alex Jones as Facebook said it removed four of his pages for violating their... Read more »

Doug Ford Triumphs over Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Policy

The recently elected Ontario government has been the talk of the town, appearing on every headline ever since the election results were announced. One main reason why the government has been so... Read more »

Police take a stand against Niqab ban

A 28-year-old woman was fined $155 for refusing to remove her veil in public in Denmark, the fine marks the first since the law came into affect just days ago on August 1.... Read more »

PM Trudeau’s 12-Day Long Vacation Has Cost Taxpayers More Than $5 Million Already – Where Is the Media?

President Trump has described the mainstream media as a source of ‘fake news’, and by the looks of it, Canadian mainstream media has begun to fall under his definition of providing bogus... Read more »

Police investigating swastika graffiti incidents in southwest Edmonton

The Edmonton Police Service is investigating several incidents of swastika graffiti being painted at multiple locations throughout a southwest neighbourhood. Southwest Division patrol members were first dispatched to three residential addresses in... Read more »