Private Sector’s help sought in Phoenix Pay System

Things keep going from bad to worse for the Trudeau government in August, 2018. In a month that has seen Trudeau’s government frozen out of vital NAFTA talks, having its diplomatic ties... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Shouldn’t Be Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Canada is known as a lot of things. The liberals like to portray him as a sort of a miracle worker. As someone who’s destined to take Canada... Read more »

Ottawa to Ditch Immigration Lottery

In a step that has drawn a rather mixed and lukewarm response, Trudeau has announced that the government plans to scrap the lottery system for immigration that Canada has been known for... Read more »

New Pilot Project in Ottawa for Seasonal Workers

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Another Holiday, another Trudeau Blunder

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NAFTA Negotiations Move On…Canada being snubbed?

The North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was a key part of Donald Trump’s campaign trail. He won multiple plaudits for his claims that he would do whatever it took to ensure... Read more »

Andrew Scheer’s Mission Impossible

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A Death Tax? Useless & Deceitful!

Canada’s economy is entering the most perturbed period in recent memory. To say that the bulk of the blame lays at Justin Trudeau and his government’s feet is a gross underestimation. Never... Read more »

Waiting for Medical Treatment Cost Canadians $1.9 Billion in Lost Wages

“Time is money”. A common phrase that holds a lot of value in itself seems to fit perfectly to describe the predicament of common Canadians. While Canada has long been proud and... Read more »

Confirmed: Trudeau to Run Again

A story that should surprise no one, Justin Trudeau announced that he will be running in next year’s election. The announcement came with the same sort of amateurish snobbery that Trudeau and... Read more »