Andrew Scheer optimistic about his popularity

Andrew Scheer recently revealed that the fact that he’s been able to make himself known to the common Canadian public without having to rely on an army of PR strategist like Justin... Read more »

Abortion a Closed Debate, declares Scheer

Halifax has gained a lot of news coverage this past week after it played host to the annual Conservative convention. The convention is considered one of the most important conventions in the... Read more »

Conservatives Take A Tougher Stance On “Birth Tourism”

At a party convention on August 26th in Halifax, Conservative leaders voted to withdraw their support of the policy that grants Canadian citizenship to children born in Canada to foreign parents. The... Read more »

Canadian Taxpayers Pay For A Trump “Impeach-O-Meter”

Have you ever heard of the Trump Impeach-O-Meter? You can find it on taxpayer funded state media, CBC Radio. Although President Donald Trump hasn’t broken any laws, the negative coverage Trump gets from... Read more »

Best Applications For Writing Content in Phone

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How gaming mouse can change the way of your gameplay

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Canada Being Obfuscated AND Sidelined in NAFTA Negotiations

There are certain diplomatic realities that each country must deal with at one point or another. It seems to be that period for Canada. The one thing that sets apart Canada’s position... Read more »

Andrew Scheer says he won’t be Dancing in India

These are some of the things that are the bare minimum you would expect from a Prime Minister in a foreign country. Behave with utmost grace, be courteous and most of all,... Read more »

Senator John McCain dies at 81

Senator John McCain died today just one day after he announced he will stop treatment on his cancer which was discovered on 2017. A statement said Mr. McCain died at 4:28 p.m... Read more »

Bay of Fundy Turbine Fails Assessment

A project that was supposed to be one of Justin Trudeau’s greatest successes while in office has now failed an environmental assessment. The Cape Sharp Tidal turbine has failed all tests carried... Read more »