MUXE: Real-Estate Listing Platform

How does one start a successful company? This question can probably be answered in many different ways but the one way that the MUXE team believes is that there is no specific... Read more »

An Independent Investigation to be conducted into Rick Dykstra Candidacy

Sexual harassment has become one of the most-talked about topics in today’s world. Eminent people are being charged of sexual misconduct and necessary actions are being taken against them by the authorities.... Read more »

Military says concerns about privacy to blame for delay in sexual assault cases

The top police officer in the military has claimed that the real reason for delay in sexual assault cases are privacy concerns. This is related to a promise by the military last... Read more »

JFK files search returns error

President Donald Trump made the announcement that 3000 JFK files will be released today. The long anticipated release of the #JFKFiles will take place tomorrow. So interesting! — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)... Read more »

Arnold Chan, Liberal MP dies from cancer

Arnold Chan, 50, died this morning after battling a rare cancer for the last two years in the head and neck area called nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Chan was first diagnosed in 2014 with... Read more »

Trudeau kills dreams, Arlene Dickinson scolds gov’t for tax changes

Arlene Dickinson has a net worth of around $100 million, she lives in Calgary and has been a role model for many young entrepreneurs trying to make it in the business. People... Read more »

The U.S. State Department Gives a Green Light on the Sale of Super Hornets to Canada

Through a formal notification published to Congress, the U.S. State Department expressed it doesn’t have any qualms over the potential sale of 18 Super Hornets to Canada. The contract would cost an... Read more »

The first snow of the season hits Alberta

Chilly weather caused the first sighting of snow in Alberta this year. Between 5 to 10 millimetres of wet snow fell near Jasper and a small blanket of snow near Hinton, roads... Read more »

Trudeau’s Bahamas trip cost $80,000 more than first disclosed

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas cost taxpayers way more than first disclosed to Parliament. Earlier this year it was revealed that Trudeau’s... Read more »

Hurricane Jose – A Potential Threat to Canadian Coasts?

Hurricane Irma brought widespread destruction in Florida, with Florida Keys being the worst affected area. The Category 4 monster storm caused flooded streets, power cuts, and tornadoes that led to a number... Read more »