Newborn Gas Giants Observed Orbiting Faraway Star

PDS 70, a young star in faraway space, has been observed hosting two newly formed planets. They are classified as gas giants as evidenced by their continued growth, being received as very... Read more »

Scientists Predict That The Universe Will Implode

Big Bang, the explosion that gave birth to our Universe, took place about 13.8 billion years ago. But, as we already know it, everything comes to an end, and that would also... Read more »

Cancer Diagnostic turns out to be a Tapeworm

Rachel Palma’s symptoms decided as being cancer, after numerous examining scans and exclusions of other diseases. She started experiencing these manifestations last year, in January. She experienced involuntary spasms on her right... Read more »

A New Report Announces an Asteroid Passing by in September​

ESA has recently announced that an asteroid will soon pass closely by Earth. The space rock is expected to swing by our planet in September of this year, and the thing is,... Read more »

Greenhouse Gas Levels In The Atmosphere Are Higher Than Previously Thought

Somber news was shared this week as the atmospheric observatory located in Mauna Loa, Hawaii, registered a grim record. The levels of greenhouse gas found in the atmosphere have continued to climb... Read more »

A Massive Asteroid Could Hit Earth in 2019

News is coming from the European Space Agency. A massive asteroid that has a diameter more extensive than a football field is treating our planet this year. The asteroid is called 2006... Read more »

The Biggest Extinction Earth Has Ever Seen Could Repeat Again

Turning back 250 million years ago, the most significant extinction that our planet has ever seen was caused by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. This extinction is called the Great Dying,... Read more »

Astronomers Spotted Baby Exoplanets Orbiting A Young, Sun-Like Star

Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Maryland have detected two baby exoplanets that are gravitationally creating an enormous disparity inside the protoplanetary disk. The two alien worlds orbit a... Read more »

Stellar Family Portrait: Fabulous Capture from the Spitzer Space Telescope

Spitzer Space Telescope, managed by NASA, captured a huge celestial mosaic where we can observe, besides other things, multiple clusters of stars, some older and more evolved than the others, born from... Read more »

Work Burnout Is Now Classified As A Job Syndrome, According To The WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers work ‘burnout’ not as a medical condition, but as a job syndrome. The state is outlined in the company’s manual of medical investigation. Expression of burnout... Read more »