Ontario Liberals Want to Get Their Party Back On Track

With an afternoon Twitter update on June 3, the youth section of the Ontario Liberal Party asked for donations and ideas about how they should rebuild and proceed after stumbling in the... Read more »

Christian schools in Canada banned from teaching Biblical values

Diversity doesn’t include Christians in this case. A BC University lost their challenge in court for Christian diversity. In a pair of 7-2 rulings by Canada’s Supreme Court, Trinity Western University in... Read more »

Ontario Refugee Forced To Hush Encounter With ISIS Slave-master

Imagine you are a refugee, fleeing the terrors of ISIS, and you finally escape only to find yourself face to face with the man who imprisoned and tortured you. It happened to one... Read more »

Tariff War Between U.S. and Canada Escalates

Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau, facing both domestic and international headwinds, is seeking to consolidate Canadian political power amid a dispute with the United States. As the New York Times reported, Trudeau’s war... Read more »

CSIS Stopped Tracking Far-Right Groups Before 2017 Mosque Shooting, New Study Shows

A new study on the Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s (CSIS) monitoring habits is causing a bit of controversy. According to this report, the CSIS abruptly stopped looking into extremism from far-right groups (including neo-Nazi... Read more »

How did a violent 18th Street gang member enter Canada?

U.S. border agents caught and arrested a known 18th Street gang member who tried to enter the United States via Canada. “A Peruvian national and a Mexican national were apprehended on June... Read more »

Trump might be direct reason Trudeau calls early Election

Justin Trudeau and the Liberal party may be planning to call an early election. According to Arthur Weinreb of the Canada Free Press, the current election is scheduled for October 2019 but... Read more »

Canadian Activist Nora Loreto calls to Decapitate Melania Trump on Twitter

Quebec City writer Nora Loreto is doing her best to stretch the 15 minutes of infamy she earned on Twitter earlier this year, and she seems to be inspired by the infamous... Read more »

The 16 year old entrepreneur

Mohammed Ibrahim Mirza Beig is just like any other average 16 year old, he likes going out with friends and being a kid but he is no kid he is, in fact,... Read more »


Dr. David G. Mirich, Ph.D. is a licensed specialist and bilingual (speaks the English and Spanish languages fluently) psychologist who works at PATHS Center in Denver, Colorado. He assists in the determination... Read more »