Wildfires Could Lead To The Extinction Of Moths

A couple of days ago, an international team of researchers published a paper in the journal Functional Ecology. They studied the aftermath of a massive wildfire in Portugal and how it affected... Read more »

Sun Exposure Is Not Causing Melanoma, New Research Shows

Specialists on vitamin D state that Americans have been educated that too much sun exposure can cause lethal skin cancers, and now they have developed sun phobia and waste billions of dollars... Read more »

Ancient Human Remains Could Rewrite The Ancient History Of Europe

A little while ago, a discovery shook everything we knew about ancient human migrations and the ancestors of modern humans. The entire ancient history of Europe might be rewritten. In the 1970s,... Read more »

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Snapped From Above By Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

You might be living with the illusion that if you hide, you will no longer be seen, but there is always a satellite watching each of your moves. That is something you... Read more »

Martian Rock Fragment Was The Test Subject Of The Camera On ESA’s ExoMars 2020

A Martian rock by the name of Exhibit ​0102.226 was discovered in the Sayh al Uhaymir area of Oman, back in 2012. The object seems to be a simple piece of rock,... Read more »

Highly-Processed Foods Are More Dangerous Than Previously Thought

Highly-processed foods are bad. But we already knew that. Sure, they are convenient and easy to prepare and consume. They are appealing. They are delicious. And they are a threat for our... Read more »

Daily Consumption of Sugary Drinks Linked to Several Types of Cancer​

​Drinking approximately 3.4 ounces of soda per day increases the risk for cancer, a new study discovered. Even a small increment in the amount was linked to a 22 percent increased risk... Read more »

Coral Reefs Migrate From Equator To Temperate Climate Regions

New research reveals a migration that started 40 years ago and is still believed to continue in the future. No, we are not talking about human or animal migration. We are talking... Read more »

Lunar Eclipse To Take Place Next Week

Let us review what we know about a lunar eclipse. We want you to be ready for the forthcoming lunar eclipse on July 17th. A lunar eclipse takes place when the moon... Read more »

Researchers Use Cosmic Voids To Improve The Accuracy Of Scientific Instruments

Some regions of the universe contain a minimal number of galaxies or even o galaxies at all. This specific area, which is known as a void in the scientific community, allow researchers... Read more »