NASA Has Published the Story of the Most Distant World

Three months ago, NASA released for the public some images with the Ultima Thule, an object from the Kuiper Belt discovered by New Horizons. The Ultima Thule is the farthest world that... Read more »

Spiders Attract Prey With Slingshot made Of Their Web

Scientists from the University of Akron analyzed a type of spider that can gradually expand its web rigid and then drop it, making the web to launch forward and entrap off guard... Read more »

LightSail 2 To Take Off Next Month Aboard SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket

The LightSail two spacecraft is ready for launch. Developed by the Planetary Society the spacecraft is a part of an ambitious mission which aims to show how the energy of the sun... Read more »

Life On Mars – New Evidence Released

The humankind has been concerned with the issue of whether or not different types of species living on other planets exist for centuries. There have been numerous hypothesis and speculation released in... Read more »

Why Is The Dinosaur Fossilization Process Important For Science?

The University of the Basque Country and the University of Zaragoza have done some work that resulted in an in-depth analysis of the dinosaur fossilization process found at La Cantalera-1. We’re talking... Read more »

Mass Grave Found In Poland Reveals Tragic Backstory

Back in 2011, archaeologists discovered a mass grave near Koszyce, Poland. The site held the skeletons of several men, women, and children, all with their skulls smashed. Radiocarbon measurements determined the remains... Read more »

A New Type of Ice Was Created with Powerful Lasers

Researchers have snapped x-ray images of what it might appear to be a new stage of ice not ever seen on Earth, but which might subsist inside Uranus or Neptune. High-energy lasers... Read more »

The Best Golf Club You Can Get for Your Money – the Premium PXG 0211 Irons

Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) is a Golf company founded by billionaire-entrepreneur Bob Parsons. His company is offering golf clubs with high prices for the domestic golf market.  The owner is describing his... Read more »

Star Wars Day Celebrated With Special Offers and Discounts, And Some Of Them Are Still Available

Star Wars is the most popular science fiction movie franchise of all times, created by George Lucas. Ever since the first Star Wars movie, released in 1977, the franchise has gained more... Read more »

Sunsets Are The Killers of the Camera-based Vacuums

Even though technology can now make an object smart and also though people love the high-end Roombas from iRobot because of apparent reasons, it is not all milk and honey. The Roomba... Read more »