$11M Over 3 Years For Child-Care Funds in Toronto, Says Gary Crawford

Gary Crawford, Toronto Budget Chief, says that the city will increase the funding for child care on both provincial and federal levels. Crawford in an interview said, “The bottom line is we... Read more »

Ottawa Weather Updates: Slowed Vehicles and Grounded Flights

Canadian winters have gone wild. According to the latest weather updates, the freezing rain is going to continue. The freezing rain has disturbed both road and air travels in Ottawa today. According... Read more »

Toronto could potential be a new place for Amazon’s HQ

Toronto may just be the perfect place for Amazon to move to – that’s what the government thinks. The fact that Toronto is still in the running when so many other Canadian... Read more »

Trudeau plans US tour amid NAFTA tensions

The governments of Mexico, USA, and Canada are in a tense situation regarding NAFTA talks. USA is demanding a lot from Canada and Mexico, but Mexico is openly hostile to most of... Read more »

Health Minister spending $100,000 Twitter account must be stopped

The wasteful spending must be stopped. It is always important for government agencies to have an outreach program, but sometimes the cost of the said programs can be too much. When Health... Read more »

NAFTA at risk as ministers attend prolonged round

The governments of Mexico, USA, and Canada are trying to forge a new North American Free Trade Agreement, and the process is not going smoothly. Talks are already longer than they usually... Read more »

Trudeau faces far right protesters on Quebec City tour

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that his recent tour is to help him escape the ‘Ottawa bubble’, however he may be getting more than he bargained for. The PM was holding a... Read more »

Ottawa Doctor Charged For Voyeurism And Sexual Assault

Dr. Vincent Nadon has been charged with voyeurism and sexual assault after one of his patients was victimized and launched a complaint. According to the authorities, 56 year old Nadon was practicing... Read more »

Tim Hortons Speaks: Do NOT Vote for the Liberals!

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne announced the passing of the “Fair Workplaces Act’ (Bill 148). According to this new bill, the Team Members are liable for a mandatory, significant raise in their salaries.... Read more »

Today is the last cold day for much of Canada

Warmer weather is coming after today as much of the country seen temperatures in the minus 30’s in the last week, and in some cases as high as minus 45 with winds.... Read more »