First of a Kind – Drone Collides with Commercial Airplane in Canada

On Thursday, October 12, a drone bumped into a Skyjet airplane during its descent on the Jean Lesage International Airport in Quebec City. Transport Canada – the regulatory authority – reported the... Read more »

Trudeau condemns Somalian attack that killed at least 275

Justin Trudeau condemned the largest truck bomb attack yesterday in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. The attacks in Somalia are horrifying & Canada condemns them strongly. We mourn with the Canadian... Read more »

Trudeau in 2015 “Liberals balance budgets. That’s what history has shown”

Justin Trudeau’s 2015 election campaign seems like a lie two years later. Trudeau needed to say what he did to potentially win, his campaign started with lies and ended with lies, his... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Pushes for the Need to Include a Chapter on Gender Equality in NAFTA

“I challenge you to use your position and power to strongly push for the rights of women and girls in Mexico…We must move the needle forward on gender inequality.” Prime Minister Justin... Read more »

Worse than Trump, Morneau hides Company in France for two years, taking advantage of Tax loopholes

President Donald Trump hasn’t revealed his taxes because he’s under audit he claims, but he at least revealed a sneak peek. But Justin Trudeau’s right hand man, Finance Minister Bill Morneau accidentally... Read more »

The $10.5 Million connection, Joshua Boyle used to be married to Omar Khadr’s sister

Joshua Boyle, his wife and 3 children left Pakistan on Friday after being held hostage by a Taliban linked group for 5 years. 2 Pakistani officials, who requested anonymity due to security... Read more »

Trudeau negotiating with Trump at NAFA turns sour

Things turned sour as the fourth round of talks to rehash NAFTA was held near Washington. Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto are committed to reaching a... Read more »

Trudeau threatens Trump, Trump responds

The fourth set of talks for changes to the North American Free Trade deal begin with a rocky start. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau threatened to call off a major deal to purchase... Read more »

Is Boeing Committed to screwing Canadians because of Bombardier

The US-based aerospace titan Boeing is now trying hard to resuscitate its tarnished reputation in Canada after they filed a trade complaint against Bombardier – their Canadian adversary. The Canadians however, responded... Read more »

Trudeau’s “Let me be blunt: we are not going to tax anyone’s employee discounts.”

It took Prime Minister Justin Trudeau a few days to make a statement on the CRA employee discount proposal. Let me be blunt: we are not going to tax anyone's employee discounts.... Read more »