Canada Blasted for Violation of International Law in Handling Immigration Detainees

There was a joint submission filed in the UN Human Rights Council by a group of prominent civil and human rights organisations accusing Canada of violating international laws in the way the... Read more »

Thanks to transfer payments from Alberta, Quebec is prepared for financial crisis

With economists across the globe predicting the next big financial crisis to hit the global economy soon enough, there are quite a few shortcomings in the Canadian economy that need to be... Read more »

Canada to Pay Indigenous People $600 Million as Legal Settlement

The indigenous people have called Canada home for thousands of years, even before the European colonisation. Their current population in the country stands at approximately 1.4 million people. Even though the current... Read more »

All Alberta Schools will have government funded Arabic language program soon

A new program will allow students in Alberta classrooms to learn Arabic if they wanted too. Up until this point the only Arabic government funded language program was in the Edmonton Public... Read more »

Canada is having problems hiring special adviser for $35M de-radicalization program

The Canadian government claims there’s not many radicalized people in Canada, even after the influx of more than $30,000 refugees from Syria that cannot be vetted for radicalization. A program started by... Read more »

Kim Yo Jong, Kim Jong Un’s sister, gets promoted

28-year-old Kim Yo Jong got promoted to key decision maker reported the state media of North Korea. Kim Yo-jong studied in Switzerland with her brother Jong-un from 1996 to 2000. She reportedly... Read more »

Large Numbers of Refugees Continue to Enter Canada from the US

As Canada seeks to relax citizenship rules in the country for newcomers, its borders are teeming with asylum seekers from the US, wanting to cross over into Canada. While some of the... Read more »

Does Canada have enough gun laws?

The tragic shooting rampage that took place in Las Vegas over the past weekend has once again sparked the debate over gun control in the US Parliament. Additionally, the recurrence of these... Read more »

Russia Vows to Even the Score as the Magnitsky Bill Advances to the Senate for Final Vote

On Wednesday, the House of Commons unanimously voted to pass the Magnitsky bill, with all 277 votes in favour of the bill. Once the legislation is passed, it will allow the country... Read more »

Trudeau forgets the Jews in Holocaust

The government of Canada has taken down the Holocaust Monument plaque that was inaugurated last week. At the unveiling of the plaque last week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau highlighted how the nation’s... Read more »