Bill 40 will be repealed says Brad Wall

Bill 40 was passed by the Saskatchewan government in April of this year, the Bill would allow 49 per cent of the province’s Crown corporations to be sold without requiring a vote from... Read more »

Do you qualify for a bump in the child benefits payment?

With the Finance Minister Bill Morneau set to announce the country’s economic update on Tuesday, officials expect a bump in the child benefits payment made to families that qualify for it. The... Read more »

Does Chelsea Manning Pose a Threat to Canada?

American soldier Chelsea Manning, who was convicted by the US for leaking classified documents, poses no security threat to Canada says technology law researcher. The assertion came from advocates of her case that... Read more »

Trudeau: Never before has the world been so interconnected

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released a statement today on United Nations Day. Trudeau has been an active promoter on climate change, here’s what he had to say: The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today... Read more »

NDP calls for Bill Morneau to apologize

A new NDP motion calls on Finance Minister Bill Morneau to apologize to the Canadian people. NDP National Caucus Chair Daniel Blaikie told Prime Time Politics it’s it’s not just an apology, it’s also... Read more »

How the world will end per religion

There are many views on the subject of the world’s eventual end. While there are those who believe that the Earth will continue to exist infinitely, most people agree that there will... Read more »

Canada Celebrates 25 Years of the Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement

The Federal and provincial governments hosted a celebration in Saskatoon to mark the completion of 25 years of the Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) Framework Agreement between the government and the Federation of... Read more »

Consul General of Canada Takes the Duluth Chamber Dinner Opportunity to Promote Free Trade

Consul General Canada in Minneapolis took the opportunity at the annual dinner of the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce to highlight the strength and shared values of the Canada-US partnership. Khawar Nasim,... Read more »

Illegal refugees win against Canadian taxpayers

Time and over, there have been concerns raised over the number of refugees illegally crossing the US borders into Canada. While these people definitely have greater chances of a building a better... Read more »

The Deadly Ammonia Leak at Fernie Memorial Arena – A First of Its Kind Hazard in Canada

It’s been over 24 hours since three Fernie Arena workers were found dead following a fatal ammonia leak in the arena. Latest reports from the authorities reveal that the levels of ammonia... Read more »