Someone in Alberta won the $60 million Lotto Max

Check your tickets, Friday night’s humongous $60 million Lotto Max was won by a single ticket purchased in Alberta, the winner has not been revealed. The winning numbers are: 2, 10, 37,... Read more »

Trudeau represents Canada very immaturely on a serious event in New York

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made an appearance at inaugural Bloomberg Global Business Forum in New York wearing Star Wars character Chewbacca socks. The event is meant to bring business leaders and... Read more »

Trudeau creates better economic growth outside Canada

Justin Trudeau’s recent tax proposals on hard working Canadians have caused some of their “biggest key players” – those with the most affluence, business and strategy – to leave the country in... Read more »

Rachel Notley becomes extremely hypocritical against the oilsands killing birds

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley got extremely aggressive towards the oilsands community yesterday as reports of 123 birds were found dead north of Fort McMurray at Suncor Energy’s oilsands tailings pond. Notley, shared... Read more »

U.S. and China teaming up to defeat Kim Jong Un

It appears U.S. President Donald J. Trump is not only a man of firm convictions in the business realm but also one who stands by his stated words: He does what he... Read more »

WATCH: Justin Trudeau bragging his company won’t be affected by new tax changes

According to Andrew Scheer Justin Trudeau seems to be bragging that his company won’t be affected by the proposed tax changes. Trudeau owns his own company and co-owns another one, information not... Read more »

Revealed behind closed doors, 40,000 Asylum seekers will cost Canada half a billion dollars

Member of Parliament Michelle Rempel went on Facebook live to tell people what she heard behind closed doors in New York after she followed Justin Trudeau’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen to the... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Remains Inconsistent on Immigration

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been hailed as a fresh take on world leaders during his tenure, largely because of his championing of liberal ideas that have been historically ignored by... Read more »

Warning signs show Canada could be heading towards Recession

Canada’s credit-to-GDP is over 11, which is usually a critical sign of oncoming recessions. Canada is third on the list indicating warnings of stress in domestic banking systems, Interests rates are rising... Read more »

Michelle Rempel: The force is about to hit Trudeau on his stupid Canadian ending policies

Michelle Rempel and her colleagues are in Ottawa today after making the announcement on Sunday morning via Facebook. “You guys [fans] always tell me, we need you to fight, we need you... Read more »