LISA Will Find out How Many Exoplanets Are in the Entire Milky Way

The European Space Agency’s LISA mission initially wanted to study merging supermassive black holes. However, it might have just discovered hundreds of worlds around some white dwarf stars  More than 4000 exoplanets are... Read more »

A Deep-Sea Shark Has Been Captured on Film. It’s Older Than Dinosaurs

Researchers have found the mysterious bluntnose sixgill shark and have caught them on film. This creature has been here before the dinosaurs.   It has been described as being “perfectly efficient” by the team from the Florida State... Read more »

Police Investigates a Fight Between a Cyclist and a Drive

Police are now working on an investigation. It is about a caught-on-camera assault committed by a cyclist in Toronto.   There’s a 21-second video which shows the incident. It was posted on Thursday night, on... Read more »

A Heat Wave with Thunderstorms Has Hit Canada. What’s Next?

As we all probably know already, there was a severe thunderstorm in Canada. It came as a warning of the lousy weather mix for the country’s capital. The heat wave entered on... Read more »

Solar and Lunar Eclipses: Animals Are Acting Strangely

Most animals out there are influenced by the light-dark cycle. The length of days tell the animals when they should be asleep, when they should migrate and when it is time to breed.   The lunar cycle causes... Read more »

Endangered Resident Killer Whales Are Back Home Now

Federal researchers have found the southern resident killer whales from all of the three pods. Scientists from Fisheries and Oceans Canada are celebrating right now after they found the members of the K pod,... Read more »

Russia is Searching for Carbon Fiber for its Hypersonic Missiles​

The world unnerved as the news that Russia has plans to create a hypersonic weapon system that can travel at over 20 times the speed of sound, and also overthrown US missile... Read more »

The Largest Human Maple Leaf Record Broken in Ontario

About 4000 people took part in a great even for Canada. These people took part in forming a maple leaf in a park from Trenton, Ontario. This happened on Saturday. All the... Read more »

Canada Day Celebrations: Why the First 12 Years Were Not Recognized

Many people see the 1st of July as being Canada Day. Others see it as Dominion Day. Some ignore it whatsoever, just like those who refuse to celebrate the country at all.... Read more »

The Giant Beaver: Why Is the Species Extinct?

Did you know that we once had giant beavers, which were the size of black bears? They once walked the lakes of North America. However, they died at the end of the... Read more »