Saskatchewan’s Highest Court Will Make a Decision in the Carbon Tax Challenge

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal will soon make the first ruling in Canada on Friday. They will decide whether the carbon tax that’s federally imposed is actually constitutional. The Saskatchewan Party government has... Read more »

Flood Support Centres Will Close, Volunteers Won’t Be Needed Anymore Until Further Notice

The emergency measures that were put in place in order to deal with the spring’s major flooding are actually being sent away, due to the water level that has peaked, and have... Read more »

Oil Prices Fell and the U.S Output Inventories Reach a New Record

It seems that the oil prices fell on Thursday, and this led to a surge in inventories. The Brent crude oil cost $71.57 for every barrel at 0837 GMT, which is with... Read more »

The Denisovan Jaw to Show Something Very Interesting About the Hominins Outside the Siberian Cave

The Denisovan story is a very interesting one. There’s this very mysterious group of ancient hominins, and it has been ever since they were discovered back in 2010. They are part of... Read more »

Blockchain: Canadian Banks Are Using a New Software to Verify Your Identity

There’s a new structure on the internet that shows the concept of blockchain technology, with hexadecimal data inside each and every block. This image takes part in the domain of IT, cyberspace,... Read more »

Military Truck to Run over Protesters in Venezuela: What’s the Situation in the Country. Trump Joins, Too

There is something horrible happening in Venezuela. On Tuesday, the streets of Caracas have turned into complete chaos, after a military vehicle drove directly into a crowd of protesters. In the meantime,... Read more »

Asteroid Apophis to Come near Earth in 2029: Is There a Reason to Panic?

On the 13th of April, 2029, an asteroid will come across the sky, however, we don’t need to panic. Scientists see this as an opportunity to learn more about the space and... Read more »

Australian Scientists to Find an Antidote for the Box Jellyfish Sting

Some researchers from Australia believe that they found an antidote for a sting of a very venomous creature, the box jellyfish. They come from the University of Sydney and they have worked... Read more »

Scientists Find 15,000-Year-Old Footprint in Chile

A team of scientists from Chile has stated that they found a certain human footprint that probably dates back 15.000 years. This one is the oldest one found in America, according to... Read more »

Japan: Emperor Akihito Will Abdicate, His Son Will Take His Place

In Tokyo, Friday night, babies and toddlers started decorating a preschool with their parents. Kids ran around and young parents sat on cushions and ate, being stress-free. They also probably talked about... Read more »