Slovakia is shaken by the murder of a Journalist

Jan Kuciak – Is a Slovak journalist who was killed along with his girlfriend. He had worked for more than a year on the activities of the famous Italian Mafia organization ‘Ndrageta’. ... Read more »

Trudeau’s relationship with Jihadists is dangerous for Canada

Justin Trudeau has a weird relationship with Jihadists, or Terrorists. The prime minister has met with too many accused terrorists over the last year, including Joshua Boyle and Jaspal Atwal, both who... Read more »

World’s First SEC-Compliant Pre-ICO Crowdsale Going on Now for ZENCoins

The next generation of social media rests in a platform called ZEN, which will offer users the unique ability to share videos and chat – all while earning ZENCoin cryptocurrency in the... Read more »

MP who inviting convicted would-be assassin to dinner with Trudeau apologizes and steps down

Liberal MP Randeep Sarai stepped down from his post as Pacific caucus chair after inviting Jaspal Atwal to an elite dinner with Justin Trudeau during his trip to India last week. Sarai... Read more »

Killers of Laura Babcock finally got what they deserved 

The crime of passion that shocked Canada happened in 2012. Laura was 23 and involved in a love triangle when she was killed and burned. More than two months after being found... Read more »


Ontario government in its wisdom, has awarded the Lincoln M. Alexander Award to three young Canadian leaders working to battle racial discrimination as well as inequality.  The positive announcement was made during... Read more »

Seoul, calls on the United States to start talks with Pyongyang

South Korean President has call on the United States today about starting talks with North Korea, after a delegation from his country, confirmed Pyongyang’s readiness for talks with Washington. During a meeting... Read more »

Thank God Trudeau’s disastrous trip to India is over

Justin Trudeau managed to embarrass Canadians for a whole week in India, which was supposed to be a trip benefiting us, instead it seemed to be a vacation. The mainstream media worldwide... Read more »

Refugee couple who named their son after Justin Trudeau start regretting it

A Syrian refugee couple who named their son after the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau say their optimism is fading after a update report on the family by CBC. The family of four... Read more »

Red Cross Scandal, 21 employees pay for sexual services

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) says 21 staff members have left their job after revealing sexual harassment over the last three years. The ICRC general director, Yves Duchord, said... Read more »