Turkey Endorses the European Anti-Terrorism Laws

Turkey has approved of an addition to the Council of Europe’s terrorism prevention pact, which has led to an expansion to a diverse range of activities that have been criminalized under terrorism... Read more »

US Steel Tariffs Could Hurt More Than One Country

The new US steel tariffs could hurt more than one country and not just China. The heavy tariffs imposed by the US on import of steel will have a trickle down effect... Read more »

Bitcoin Is A Failure Says Governor Carney

The famous crypto currency bitcoin has often come under scrutiny by many. While many favor it, it is also severely criticized on many fronts. One f the people who think the bitcoin... Read more »

3 Things That Make Jagmeet Singh So Excellent

Jagmeet Singh is the new elected leader for the NDP (New Democratic Party) of Canada. There are many great things about Jagmeet Singh that in the first place make him a dignified... Read more »

Is The Current Cash In Bank Asya Supporting Terrorism?

The Asya bank was once a prominent bank in Turkey but not anymore. However, in recent reports, it has been revealed that the Supreme Court Of Appeals in Turkey has ruled the... Read more »

Senator Jeff Flake Does Not Seem Happy With Trump’s Immigration Policy

One thing we all know for sure is that Trump has been quite stern with his take and action on immigration policies. People have been left in a stake of shock and... Read more »

Goldman Sachs Warns About US Interest Rates And Debt

In recent news, Goldman Sachs has warned the United States of possible increases in not just interest rates, but believes that the country will face high debt levels as well. Moreover, the... Read more »

Trump attends disco party after visiting survivors of school shooting

After causing controversy by posing smiling and showing one of his thumbs up during a visit to a hospital where the injured are, from the massacre at a school in Florida, President... Read more »

Melania Trump still peeved about Husbands playboy lover

WASHINGTON – After further accusations that President Donald Trump had a love affair with former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal , First Lady Melania Trump decided to break with the tradition of traveling at Marine One with her husband.... Read more »

LeBron James: “I’m more than an athlete”

The star of the Cavaliers responded to criticism made by a commentator from Fox news, who suggested that he keep silent about the political issues in the United States. LeBron James will not... Read more »