Trudeau Says His “Peoplekind” Comment was a “Dumb Joke” but was it really?

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Canadian Submarine is on a Surveillance Mission in the Pacific

Canadian vessel, HMCS Chicoutimi, has gone farther from home in the Pacific Ocean to aid the surveillance program to keep tabs on the rogue state of North Korea. The submarine was grounded... Read more »

Rachel Notley has no change at winning another term if Kinder Morgan gets more delays

This is Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s last shot before she’s faced with a embarrassing loss in the 2019 provincial election. The pipeline fight between Alberta and BC is out of hand, both... Read more »

Senior PMO’s Official Resignation

A staff member in the Prime Minister office, Claude-Éric Gagné was recently accused of an inappropriate behavior. Although the employee continued to deny the allegations that were made against him, he soon... Read more »

Australia Wants to Increase its Defense Exports to Canada

Multiple news agencies reported last week that the Australian government is going to have a subsidy program for the country’s security equipment and ammunition industry. The objective is to move up Australia... Read more »

Comedy Film Fighting Belle is now available on Amazon

Fighting Belle is an amazing independent comedy realized by Sean Riley and written by Antonio Gangemi, Aimee Parrott and Sean Riley. The film stars Jessica Harthcock, Ryan Czerwonko, Noah Cook, Sherri Eakin,... Read more »

A New Law: Pay Equity in Progress

Gender inequality is one of the many kinds of discriminations that are prevalent in today’s world. Every fraternity is raising its voice against it, especially the entertainment industry – Hollywood, which is... Read more »

The Leadership Race for Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario has begun

The former leader of Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario – Patrick Brown resigned the party after being accused of sexual misconduct towards two women. One of them was reportedly hired to work... Read more »

MUXE is a Fresh and Innovative Team seeking to revolutionize the Real-Estate Industry!

A new company called MUXE is coming to the market soon. The company itself hopes to revolutionize and bolster the Real-Estate market globally. For more details, visit MUXE is not only... Read more »

Canada Reshaping Immigration Benchmarks for Scandinavian Countries

It’s a truth that’s mostly everyone is aware of that Canada borrows most of its policies and regulatory measures from many of the Scandinavian countries. The Canadian government seeks inspiration from the... Read more »