Las Vegas killer identified as Stephen Paddock

Pictures surfaced on Twitter of the Las Vegas shooter who killed at least 50 people and injured another 200 in Las Vegas late last night. Stephen Paddock was killed by police on... Read more »

Winter storm warning for Southern Alberta hits Calgary

It’s already snowing in Calgary as Environment Canada issued a snowfall warning for Calgary and Southern Alberta. Hazardous winter conditions are expected. A low pressure system is bringing rainfall to portions of... Read more »

Human remains found buried in Edmonton garage

Police are investigating human remains found buried in a north Edmonton garage near 118 Avenue on Friday. Forensic investigators started investigating the unidentified man buried below the garage in the residential area.... Read more »

Most Canadians believe Trudeau’s Migrant plan is being poorly managed

A Ipsos poll conducted mid-August shows most Canadians don’t think Justin Trudeau knows how to handle the Migrants coming into Canada illegally fleeing President Donald Trump. The poll was conducted on behalf... Read more »

Trudeau gets booed and laughed at during question period on transparent government promise

It’s now harder to get information on the government than it was during the Harper era. In the Liberal platform (page 24) the Trudeau government promises to make information easier to “get”... Read more »

B.C. mosque accused of supporting terrorism and charity theft

The Canada Revenue Agency conducted an audit of Islamic Society of America, a charitable organization that supports the Masid Al-Hidayaha Mosque and Islamic Cultural Center located in British Columbia. The charity has... Read more »

Playboy Magazine founder Hugh Hefner dead at 91

Playboy founder and American idol Hugh Hefner died today at the age of 91 at the Playboy Mansion surrounded by loved ones. American Icon and Playboy Founder, Hugh M. Hefner passed away... Read more »

Trudeau flat out lied to the middle class

Justin Trudeau has lied throughout his campaign trail and his first two years as Prime Minister directly targeting the middle class. Taxes are going up not only for the rich, but also... Read more »

NFL Ratings drop after National Anthem Protests

The National Football League has enjoyed a long streak of dominance on American television but that may be in jeopardy. This Sunday the NFL’s greatest fear became reality. Fans turned off the... Read more »

Anthony Weiner gets 21 month Prison Sentence for Sexting

The issues surrounding the life and career of former Congressional Representative Anthony Weiner seem to have come to an end with his sentencing to a prison term for sexting a minor on... Read more »