Justin Trudeau Regrets Attempted Assassin’s Party Invite

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to India this week has been filled with self imposed hurdles, most recently with the revelation that he was invited to dine with Jaspal Atwal. In... Read more »

Argentina, cocaine traffic through the Russian Embassy, ​​5 arrested

Five people allegedly members of a drug trafficking network have been arrested in Argentina and Russia in the framework of a joint police investigation. This investigation began a year ago, as 389... Read more »

Trump Could Reform Gun Laws If He Uses the Opportunity

President Donald Trump could have a golden chance to show his commitment regarding solutions to gun violence. Trump could speak in the Conservative Political Action Conference which is a rampart of support... Read more »

Asus VR formally introduced, COST $ 430

Well everyone knows Asus, now the company is trying to take another step to the other level of technology. Technological market is very is a day to day race, which never ends... Read more »

Trump’s Vision Doesn’t Incorporate Immigrants

Trump’s stance and vision on immigrants hasn’t been positive at all, but what Trump fails to realize is that he will need the help of the labor force. Immigration was altogether left... Read more »

New Satellite Will Successfully Bring Internet To Billions

It has been revealed that SpaceX has deployed a new satellite on Thursday for the low Earth orbit and this is for the Spanish government. The satellite will successfully bring high speed... Read more »

Did Embassy Officials Assist in Trump Jr.’s Speech of India Trip? Asks U.S Senator

The U.S Senator had asked whether Trump Jr. had help on his speech in India, to which the embassy in New Delhi responded on Thursday that his staff did not assist or... Read more »

Sweetheart Shows Off New Stable Home

Net worth rises to over 120k a year, and she welcomes new baby boy! Sweetheart joins the ranks of famous celebrities who have been given the status of Doctor. Sweetheart recently was... Read more »

The Security Clearance Crackdown Did Not Affect Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner is the respected son in law of the current President of US, Donald Trump. In recent news, it has been revealed that the recent security clearance crackdown has left Jared... Read more »

Philippines Condemns Communist Group For Being Terrorists

The Philippines has condemned the communist group as terrorists and asked the court to declare them as such. In a bold move, the Philippines justice officials have requested the court to designate... Read more »