Wildfire Causes Evacuation Order. We’re Talking About a State of Emergency

Sarrah Storey, who is the Fraser Lake Mayor was driving back from a certain soccer tournament which took place out of town, when she saw the skyline transformed by a wildfire from... Read more »

The Atmospheric CO2 Just Got to 415 PPM. This Is Happening for the First Time in the Human History

We deal with another red flag of the damage humanity does and how it affects the environment. And guys, it’s a bad one in a very long time – perhaps the worst... Read more »

A 16-Year-Old Male Driver Died in Horrific Car Crash in Scarborough

A horrific car crash took place in northwest Scarborough, on Friday. It all happened to a kid, who was speeding and who did not have all the ideal driving conditions. He died,... Read more »

Elon Musk Made Fun of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Moon Lander on Twitter. Here’s What He Wrote

We have all heard of Jeff Bezos’ plan with the space colony, and Elon Musk could not do anything but simply laugh. He edited a photo on Thursday and posted it on... Read more »

The Green Party Win: Canadians Are Too Occupied by Climate Change

The election win for the Green Party in B.C is actually a sign that Canadians are too preoccupied with the issue of the climate change going into the federal election that’s going... Read more »

Justin Trudeau Would Not Decriminalize Amid Opioid Crisis Increase

Donna May has recently said that she will not tolerate a simple nod from politicians, when it comes to the opioid epidemic. She said that opioids had claimed too many lives of... Read more »

Vancouver Students to Skip School for Climate Change: They Marched Holding Signs About Earth

In Vancouver, hundreds of students skipped school and went on the streets in order to draw attention to the threat of climate change. They followed the global Climate Strike movement. The march... Read more »

Plane Carrying Us Military Crashes into River: There Are No Deaths

A jet that carried 143 people from the U.S military base from Cuba wanted to land due to a thunderstorm, and it ended up in the river, near the Naval Air Station,... Read more »

Calgary Electricity Retailer Wants the Government to Repair the Power Market

Jason Kenney’s government is being pressured to cancel the huge overhaul of the power market of Alberta, which makes that one player say that will spike costs by hundreds of millions of... Read more »

The U.S Military Intervention in Venezuela Is Possible, but It Probably Won’t Happen

In a recent interview from this week, the U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told some sources that the American military intervention in Venezuela is still o possibilit. It would be a... Read more »