Haven’t You Heard? Oumuamua Is an Alien Spaceship   

In October 2017, a telescope that was operated by the University of Hawaii found a strange object. It had the form of a cigar. Apparently, it has slingshotted past the sun at the... Read more »

Researchers to Find the Fossilized Remains of a 4 Million Year Old Monkey

    Researchers around the globe have discovered the fossilized remains of a monkey. Supposedly, the monkey lived in Kenya 4.2 million years ago. The monkey is known as Nanopithecus browni, and it is... Read more »

There’s a Parasite That Infects the Hawaiian Brains

There is an outbreak of poop-eating slugs that is infecting Hawaiians with brain parasites right now. A study has been published on Monday. They have found that people are getting the disease... Read more »

There’s an Asteroid out There That Likes the Sun Way Too Much

We all know how we get excited when we find something new, that’s important for us. Just like that, astronomers are always happy when they see something new in our Solar System.... Read more »

Hubble to Find a Black Hole Disk That’s Not Supposed to Exist

Astronomers are always happy when they find mysterious things that are not supposed to be in certain places. If we are to take a look at the spiral galaxy NGC 3147, we... Read more »

Fragments of the Oldest Human Discovered in Europe​

​Skull pieces discovered in Greece, estimated to be more than 200,000 years old, depict how humans traveled from Europe to Africa much earlier than initially thought. The discoveries may pitch hypotheses regarding... Read more »

Sea levels could rise at least 1.6 feet from the melting of one big glacier from Antarctica

A glacier the size of Florida, originating from the western region of Antarctica, is melting faster than ever. The situation is dire, in the 1980s, Antarctica losing 40 billion tons of ice... Read more »

Apollo 11 Celebration with Light Projection on Washington Monument

Celebrating the Apollo 11 mission, the Americans will hold a demonstration of light projections on the Washington Monument, depicting a Saturn V rocket bound for the Moon. The Smithsonian’s National Air and... Read more »

China’s Chang’e 4 Goes on Dormant Mode on the Far Side of the Moon ​​

China’s Chang’e 4 probe alongside the lander and the rover, known as Yutu 2, or Jade Rabbit 2, have gone on dormant mode because the lunar night on the far side of... Read more »

A Smart Glass Could Reveal Artificial Vision

This window to the future is none other than a piece of glass. University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers has devised a method to create pieces of “smart” glass that can recognize images without... Read more »