A New Prehistoric Shark Species has been Named after an Arcade Title

The Field Museum located in Chicago houses a variety of interesting and rare specimens. One of them is SUE, a Tyrannosaurus Rex fossil that has a very active Twitter account. SUE is... Read more »

Ultima Thule – A Typical ‘Future Comet’

With the beginning of 2019 and the end of 2018, New Horizons from Nasa flew past 2014 MU69, its first target after Pluto. Initially, 2014 MU69 is thought to have been two... Read more »

What Can You do to Prevent Common Colds in Kids?

We all know what it was like when we were kids, and we sneezed all the time. It’s quite hard for kids to ignore it, especially in Winter time. It’s true, parents... Read more »

A US Spy Satellite was Launched into Orbit

We have seen how, on Saturday, a Rocket from ULA (that is short for United Launch Alliance) was launched into orbit, carrying a U.S spy satellite. Why does the USA want to... Read more »

How Long is One Day on Saturn? We Have the Answer

We’re recently found out how long is a day on Saturn. It was kind of hard to figure out, since the planet does not have a solid surface, which means there are... Read more »

Highschool Students to Send an Experiment to Space

Some Michigan high school students have made an experiment that will be conducted by astronauts at the International Space Station. The best part is that it has potential to assist in future... Read more »

The Only Competitor of Netflix Right Now is Fortnite

Every day we see how more and more streaming services appear on the market, but Netflix is not worried. They said that they don’t compare themselves with the competition. Instead, they’re afraid... Read more »

What Can We See on The Sky from The 20th Of January Till The 24th?

The total eclipse of the Moon from Sunday night comes with a few days after that show a beautiful pre-dawn combination between Jupiter and Venus. 20th of January, Sunday All over America,... Read more »

Netflix Gets Its Expected Subscribe Growth, But It Misses Its Revenue

Netflix has recently posted its earning results from the mixed fourth-quarter and it seems that it has its shares down 4% in the extended trading. We all expected an expensive year for... Read more »

Scientist Observed Radio Signals from Space: Are We Talking About Aliens?

There were some reports about a mysterious repeating radio signal that comes from a far away galaxy, one that’s one and a half billion light years away. We don’t know what these... Read more »