How AR Glasses Can Actually Improve AR Gaming

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Scientists Are Witnessing The Birth Of A Planetary System Similar To Our Own

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A Quantum Computer Was Used To Make Time Go Back On The Smallest Scale

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A Small Plane Crashed in the Middle of a Road in Canada

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When Actors Are in Character, Their Brain Activity Is Different

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Patricia Dowdy, Stephen Hawking’s Nurse Was Not Qualified to Take Care of Him

The nurse who took care of Stephen Hawking was banned on Tuesday for failing to provide the care that Stephen Hawking actually needed and deserved. The NMC (which stands for Britain’s Nursing... Read more »

Huawei Faked Their Smartphone Photos Again

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Are E-Cigs Really a Risk of Heart Attack?

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People Are Skeptical About Boeing 737 Max 8 and Have Started to Ground the Airplanes

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Pete Davidson Just Compared the Catholic Church to R. Kelly

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