Premier Wynne dismisses polls and eyes re-election

It has to be one of the most amusing quotes to be found on the pages of a newspaper in decades. “I don’t think there’s anyone under any illusion that we’ve got... Read more »

Scheer takes risky approach on constitutional talks

Federal Progressive Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer was probably reading old polls when he suggested re-opening Canada’s constitution to more talks. Back in May of 2011, after almost two decades of constitutional peace,... Read more »

Trudeau faces angry veterans in Edmonton

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is just about finished with his cross-country tour. And he probably knows the public relations exercise isn’t ending quite as well as he expected. Thursday in Edmonton he was... Read more »

It’s time for a fresh, new national anthem

We’ve watched the Liberal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau change our passport to include a Gender X option. Now, we have the ultimate assault on our history – a gender-neutral national... Read more »

Brian Mulroney draws an ace

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney sees an ace where many other Canadians may only see a deuce. The latest talks between current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald Trump drew... Read more »

TFWs spark debate

A report this week by Global News reveals a disturbing trend. Temporary Foreign Workers, part of a federal government program to fill jobs Canadians don’t want, are staying longer. The report says the... Read more »

Canada’s refugee program spirals out of control

Canada’s refugee resettlement program is in turmoil. The Toronto Star reports thousands of refugee hearings scheduled for this year have been abruptly cancelled so the government can roll out a new system... Read more »