Nature Can Help People Overcome Harmful Addictions

When you connect with nature, you feel the benefits inside of you. According to new research, your cravings for harmful addictions to foods, alcohol, and cigarettes can be reduced if you have... Read more »

Ebola Continues to Spread Across Congo

Ebola continues to take lives in Congo as the outbreak continues. Recently, the Ebola outbreak in Congo spread to the eastern region of Goma, one of the main cities of Congo. According... Read more »

Is There Life on Titan? The Dragonfly Drone To Find Out Soon

Titan is the moon that belongs to the planet Saturn. Apparently, it has what it takes for life, as a NASA study has recently found out. They have announced that the Dragonfly... Read more »

A New Study Is Showing that the HPV Infection Rates Are Lower after the Vaccination Programs

The Canadian research is publishing the new study where it shows that the papillomavirus infections on humans are getting lower. The virus is causing cervical cancer and other forms, and for stopping... Read more »

Octopuses To Be The Future Lab Rats

The Marine Biological Laboratory from Woods Hole, Mass., has a room filled with aquariums and octopuses. The octopuses are being held with a lot of big rocks in the lid because the... Read more »

Do You Know What Neil Armstrong Saw on the Moon?

The first Moon landing was launched by NASA, and the first man that has walked on the Moon was Neil Armstrong. Because of the 50th anniversary of the first Moon walk, we... Read more »

From Sci-Fi To Reality: Working With Artificial Intelligence-Based Solutions

The concept of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for centuries, but according to data on the history of AI, it was only in the ‘40s-‘50s when its authentic opportunities were explored.... Read more »

What Is Ultima Thule Learning Us about the Farthest Place the Humans Have Visited?

Ultima Thule is a peanut-shaped object in our Solar System, far distant than Pluto, like about a billion miles away, and it’s currently the farthest place that humans have visited by now.... Read more »

West Antarctic Ice Has 25% Chances to Collapse

More bad news is coming regarding the glaciers and ice sheets from Antarctica. The Western part of Antarctica is getting thinner and weaker over the past century, and more than 24% of... Read more »

NASA’s Plan for the Artemis Program it’s Granting $45.5 Million for a Private Moon Lander

NASA has big plans for the next lunar spacecraft, and it’s proposing a public-private project. NASA is granting $45.5 million to eleven U.S companies (SpaceX and Blue Origin are included) for a... Read more »