Muskoka terrorist threat demands attention

The Ontario towns of Bracebridge and Gravenhurst are on alert after an anonymous letter was sent to the Huntsville Forester’s office late last week threatening the beaches of one of Ontario’s prime... Read more »

Trudeau’s vote-buying schemes extend to provincial politics now

Everybody knows by now that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a master at buying votes. In 2015, he brought in 30,000 Syrian refugees in what he was trying to call an humanitarian... Read more »

Ford wants everybody to pay for Toronto’s subway system

The Ontario election campaign officially began Wednesday and already the candidates are bending over backwards for vote-rich Toronto. After riding redistributions left many communities in Northern Ontario starving for representation, Toronto now has an... Read more »

No free ticket for border crashers but government sets up housing

If Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale thought he was easing the fears of Canadians Sunday morning with his latest announcement, he was sadly mistaken. Goodale spoke about the increased numbers of asylum seekers just... Read more »

Canada’s aid is heading in wrong direction

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland has joined Liberal MP Bob Rae in pushing the Canadian government to accept a leadership role in Rohingya crisis, which has led to hundreds of thousands... Read more »

Natives want cut of pot revenues

Well, you had to see it coming. The federal government laid out a plan to legalize marijuana and make some tax revenue out of the deal and right away, Canadian natives came... Read more »

Trudeau isn’t tabling real electoral reform

It was one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s election promises in 2015. It, so far, is just one of the promises he hasn’t kept. “We are committed to ensuring that 2015 will... Read more »

Child care is centre stage in Ontario’s election race

The big news in Ontario’s election campaign doesn’t centre on the economy or even crime in the streets in the wake of the deadly Toronto van attack. The leaders of the three... Read more »

Terrorism is dirty word for RCMP and Trudeau

In the wake of Toronto’s deadly van attack, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is towing the “company line.” It seems the RCMP doesn’t want to call this event a terrorist attack. Global... Read more »

Canadian companies are desperate for workers

Some are calling it the worst labour shortage in almost 60 years. And it could get worse. A Global News story from Erica Alini Friday put it all in perspective. “With unemployment near... Read more »