Miss Vckies Jalapeno Chips Recall In Canada Over Salmonella Contamination

Miss Vickie’s brand announced a recall of potato chips with jalapeno flavor due to a possible presence of salmonella in the seasoning used in this product. These chips are distributed in three... Read more »

CFIA Expands Flour Recall Again

E. coli bacteria: recall of potentially contaminated flour expanded again New products are added to the national recall list of flour potentially contaminated with E. coli. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency further... Read more »

target easter toy recall over ingestion concerns

U.S. retailer Target is recalling a line of water-absorbing Easter egg toys.   According to Consumer Protection Safey Commission. the Easter eggs can expand inside a child’s body if ingested. This can... Read more »

Women Most At Risk Of Smartphone Addiction: Study

Toronto – Smartphone addiction is a real thing and those who are more susceptible to developing it, according to a US study conducted by Binghamton University – State University of New York,... Read more »

New Mexico school lunch law outlaws shamming

If you go to to school in New Mexico schools without a lunch, there will be no shame.   Schools are no longer allowed to shame students who don’t have lunch money or... Read more »

National Flour Recall Expands

The extensive National flour recall of Robin Hood flour due to E. coli contamination in western Canada has been extended to all of Canada, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said Tuesday. At... Read more »

25 cases of E. coli infection reported in four provinces

Twenty-five cases of E. coli bacterial infection associated with Robin Hood all-purpose flour were reported in British Columbia (12), Saskatchewan (4), Alberta (4), and Newfoundland -Labrador (5). Six people were hospitalized, but... Read more »

A spinach leaf to repair the heart!

American researchers have successfully fabricated functional human heart tissue in a spinach leaf. The idea is to use the structure of the plant’s vessels to feed the cells of the heart with... Read more »

Men Who Watch Porn Are Less Happy In Their Relationships

Men who look at porn have reduced happiness in relationships — both sexually and generally, according to a new study. Paul Wright from Indiana University in Bloomington and colleagues analysed the findings... Read more »

Climate Influences Nose Shape: Study

The shape and size of the nose have evolved to adapt to different types of climate on Earth, according to a study published Thursday in the American scientific journal PLOS Genetics. These... Read more »