Alberta’s Credit Rating Again At Risk

Alberta is once again at risk of being downgraded by a rating agency if it does not do anything to control its spending, according to the rating agency. DBRS warns that the... Read more »

Fire In Montreal: Abandoned Baby Wounded

An 18-month-old child was found alone and in respiratory distress in an apartment building in flames early Thursday night in eastern Montreal. Officers from the Montreal Police Department (SPVM) managed to get... Read more »

Best Paying Jobs: Truckers Want To Set the Record Straight

Indeed Canada revealed that the “salary” of owner/operator Truck drivers was $144,969 on average, depending on positions posted in the last twelve months. On Wednesday, many in the industry reacted strongly by... Read more »

Ottawa Airport CEO Casts Blame On Air Transat

The crew aboard the two Air Transat flights that were grounded for hours in Ottawa on July 31st, would have exceeded their maximum working hours if the airline had allowed the passengers... Read more »

Restrictions on Water Consumption On Vancouver Island

As part of the upgrading of the drinking water plant (UPEP), the City of Campbell River is asking the residents throughout the region to respect certain restrictions this fall and this winter.... Read more »

With Whole Foods, Amazon Deal, Canadians Will Benefit

On Monday, the e-commerce leader is due to finalize the $13.7 billion takeover of the Whole Foods brand. Amazon already promises price drops the same day. This is enough to bring down... Read more »

Canadian Bank Launching AI Project

RBC Royal Bank is launching a pilot project involving two digital services using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and offered through the RBC Mobile application. The goal is to take advantage of AI and... Read more »

A $40,000 Fine For Using Plastic Bags in Kenya

Kenyans producing, selling or even using plastic bags are facing up to four years in prison or a fine of US $40,000, giving the country the toughest laws to reduce plastic-related pollution... Read more »

North Korea Fires Missile Over Japan

On Tuesday North Korea fired a ballistic missile that flew over northern Japan from a nearby Pyongyang site, the Japanese and South Korean governments said. According to the public channel NHK, the... Read more »

Is Trudeau’s Cabnet Shuffle Really The Best Option For Canada’s Indigenous People?

Health Minister Jane Philpott will move to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, which she will share with current incumbent Carolyn Bennett. The first will be the Minister of Aboriginal Services and the... Read more »