Housing Authorities Videos for HUD Compliance

This applies to all landlords. Delivering the “Orientation” video to all your move-in’s assures a consistent message, which also would assist in a possible defense of a Fair Housing complaint. This guarantees... Read more »

Expansion of Industrial Conservation Initiative (ICI): What It Means for HOEP and Ontario’s GA

Unraveling Ontario’s complicated energy pricing system can be a challenge. Ontario-based industries have been paying more for their electricity than any other province, with the price continuing to rise substantially every year.... Read more »

Proven Methods to Improving Your Google Ranking

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Tate Chaser’s new album better than Abbey Road?

That is the word on the street from so many of our subscribers, Taint, the new album by Tate Chasers is one of the best ever, how can this be? A drifter... Read more »

Nothing But You’s “I Love You On My Own” album is out NOW! Here’s all we know about the new songs and how to buy the record

The superstar singer’s second album has finally been released! The superstar has been teasing fans for months with new material – and now her new album is finally here… “I Love You... Read more »

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau Sees Popularity Drop

Is the honeymoon finally over for Justin Trudeau? The popular Canadian Prime Minister has seen his approval numbers drop for the first time since his surprising election win in 2015. According to the latest... Read more »

New Report Suggests Saskatchewan is Not Doing Enough for Climate Change

Canada has made a commitment to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30 percent by 2030, but a new report shows that Saskatchewan is falling behind on meeting its contribution to this... Read more »

Information Technologies reshaping the future

There is no doubt that Information Technology plays a really vital role in our daily lives, it’s applications, and potentials have not only tremendous effect on our present but also on our... Read more »

Tories Continue to Pressure PM Trudeau Over India Trip Fiasco

Conservative leaders are urging Members of Parliament to stay in Ottawa through the end of March so that they can continue to push for answers about the Prime Minister’s disastrous visit to... Read more »

Canadian Liberals Are Losing Male Voters; Here’s Why

As friction between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his own party deepens, political strategists are seeing a new development that will likely become an important and decisive factor in future elections. According... Read more »