Trudeau represents Canada with Rubber Ducky socks and Twitter users go nuts

Justin Trudeau decided to wear rubber ducky this time to represent Canada at Davos. While many disagree with Trudeau on his choice of socks, some Twitter users went absolutely nuts for the... Read more »

Montreal’s New, Largest Building Worth A $500-Million Investment From The National Bank of Canada

The old headquarters of the Montreal city are to be entirely revamped. The new building will be the largest office building in the city in 25 years and according to plans, the... Read more »

Schools so violent in the Waterloo region that teachers are wearing bulletproof vests

The Waterloo Region District School Board has always had a higher incidence of violence and other criminal activities than most of the country, but things have deteriorated to a new level. Teachers... Read more »

Conservatives gather to discuss strategy

Conservatives are huddling together to try to figure out their strategy going forward for the second half of the Trudeau and Liberal mandate. They were roundly beaten in the last election and... Read more »

Man convicted of criminal harassment in Creep Catcher case gets probation, fine

RED DEER, Alta. — An Alberta man convicted of criminal harassment for his involvement in a Creep Catchers sting has been fined $1,500 and must spend a year on probation. Carl Young,... Read more »

Trudeau begs world leaders for NAFTA opportunities at Davos

Do other countries want business with Canada? Justin Trudeau begs world leaders for opportunities and to give Canada a chance. The World Economic Forum, known as Davos, is an event, which attracts... Read more »

NAFTA a risky position in Montreal

NAFTA talks have always been a topic of interest, but they have always been friendly. Each country tries to figure out the best deal for itself and comes to a compromise at... Read more »

Government looking at ways to improve Extradition Act due to Diab case

Extradition has always been a touchy subject, but Hassan Diab’s case shows that the current extradition act in Canada is not performing as it should. Hassan Diab languished in a French prison... Read more »

Director Vashmere Valentine Honored At Annual ATL Actors Award

The 2nd Annual ATL Actors Awards ceremony scheduled for the Sunday, of 15th April 2018 at the famous Porter Sanford III Theater 3181 Rainbow Drive Decatur, GA 30034 is already creating increasing... Read more »

What Will Happen To The Alleged Aides Of Dalton McGuinty?

Dalton McGunity’s political aides were accused of erasing the virtual documents in an assumed attempt of concealing important data about the Liberal Government’s elimination of the two gas-fired power plants. Both the... Read more »