Netflix to Stream Canadian Horror Movie Les Affames

American internet entertainment provider, Netflix is all set to bring some Quebec zombies to your home, as the company signs a deal to broadcast French movie Les Affames (Ravenous). The distribution deal... Read more »

Trudeau says he lived up to the Promise to Save Home Mail Delivery

Stephen Harper – the former Prime Minister of Canada initiated the plan to replace door-to-door mail delivery with community mailboxes. Many Canadians along with the ones with disabilities were outraged by the... Read more »

Canada Ranks Sixth on the Democracy Index

The Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) furnishes a democracy index every year which ranks all the countries according to their state of democracy. According to the index, there are only 19 countries among... Read more »

Large crowd gathers to meet Trudeau in Edmonton

Justin Trudeau is hosting a town hall meeting in Edmonton at the Robbins Health Learning Centre. Registration for the event started at 5 pm and the lineup has doubled up for at least... Read more »

Gas Prices Increase at a Fast Pace in Metro Vancouver

On Tuesday, 30th January 2018, gas prices in Vancouver increased to $1.47 per liter. The lower Mainland drivers in the Vancouver area seem startled and shocked with the rise in the prices... Read more »

Edmonton Kijiji Scam, Woman Charged For Online Forgery

Police says the Ad and seller disappear as soon as the e-payment has been made. A 51-year old woman was charged by the Edmonton police department for forging around seven victims out... Read more »

Syrian Refugees want to leave Canada due to lack of Government support, agencies ask Canadians to help

In a recent report on CBC some Government sponsored Syrian refugees want to go back to their camps in Jordan. One mother of a family said they’ve been living in hotel in... Read more »

Trudeau stays clear of Trump in Davos with Rubber Ducky socks

Justin Trudeau said he didn’t seek out President Donald Trump because he’s sees him enough on other occasions. Rubber Ducky was Trudeau theme of choice for socks during the event. The two... Read more »

Experts worried about lack of proper testing for pot influenced drivers

As Canada moves towards legalization of cannabis, a new problem is emerging. The government pledges to spend 81 million dollars training and equipping the police force with the knowledge and tools required... Read more »

Father Emmett ‘Pops’ Johns Public Visitation Honored by Montrealers

The founder of Dans La Rue, Father Emmett was paid homage by hundreds, late of Jan 13th, 2018. On Thursday, over a hundred sorrowed Montrealers paid their respects to the late Father... Read more »