Taliban Killed Daughter, says Joshua Boyle

Joshua Boyle and his family have arrived back in Canada. Boyle, along with American wife was taken captive in Afghanistan by the Haqqani network in 2012. The five years this couple spent... Read more »

Sears Canada is set to expire for good January 2018

Sears Canada Inc. is heading towards liquidation. The company is set to begin its liquidation sales soon, but before that it has to close down the 131 Sears stores across Canada, laying... Read more »

Trump to Christian crowd “We’re saying merry Christmas again”

President Trump told a large Christian conservative crowd today his administration will defend religious organizations and bring back American values. “How times have changed, but you know what, now they are changing... Read more »

Sears Canada to Pack Up, Leaving 12,000 People Unemployed

On Tuesday, Sears Canada announced the shutting down of their business in the country. Once a retail giant, the business will now be laying off the 12,000 employees who worked with them... Read more »

Trump supporters aren’t Fascists

The great threat that seems to be dangling over the West has been described in many ways: right-wing populism, neoreaction, hardcore nationalism, anti-establishment, and so on. To various extents, these labels capture... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh supports Quebec if they split from Canada

The newest NDP leader Jagmeet Singh creates some of the wildest headlines Canada has seen in the last year. The wild headlines could be coming from the unfair media coverage he’s receiving... Read more »

Canada Set to Launch Commercial Drone Flights in the North

Drone Delivery Canada was recently granted regulatory approvals for testing their commercial drone delivery service in the northern parts of Canada, within the next 30 days. With the regulatory barriers out of... Read more »

WATCH: Actor Michael Rapaport Says VP Pence is a ‘Selfish F**k’ for Leaving Colts Game

Hollywood proves themselves to be a far distance from Trump administration. The recent out-cry comes from Michael David Rapaport, a comedian, podcast host and director. His rant on Twitter in response to... Read more »

Trump administration says Canada needs to address immigration problem after Edmonton attack

Abdulahi Hasan Sharif tried to kill people in Edmonton by stabbing a police officer and intentionally trying to run over people with a U-Haul, the 30-year-old was arrested for violence, not a... Read more »

World War 3 could start in 140 characters or less

Currently world war 3 is a war between the mainstream media, Twitter and Donald Trump, according to latest MSM headlines. Facebook and Twitter are the most used social media platforms of today,... Read more »