Raqqa declared free of ISIS

The former capital city of Syria has been declared free of the Islamic State extremists. The city of Raqqa was handed over to administration of the city council and local officials. BREAKING:... Read more »

Canada Mourns As It Says a Final Good Bye to the Tragically Hip Rockstar Gord Downie

After a long, painful battle with cancer, Gord Downie, Canada’s iconic rockstar has died. He has left behind a legacy of brilliant songs about small towns and hockey, which helped him etch... Read more »

Jagmeet Singh gives oilfield workers and their families the middle finger

New NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has some balls. Recently the National Observer sat down with Jagmeet Singh for a interview about oilfield jobs and the future of their careers. Singh says oilfield... Read more »

3 People Die from Ammonia Leak in Fernie, BC

Three people died in Fernie, BC after a likely exposure to ammonia. It was on Tuesday noon that emergency crews were summoned to the Fernie Memorial Arena after reports of alleged ammonia... Read more »

Gord Downie dies at 53, family releases statement

Tragically Hip’s famous Canadian singer Gord Downie passed away Tuesday evening with his children and family by his side. The Downie Family released a statement on the band’s website. Last night Gord... Read more »

Young Canadian Terrorist wants help from Omar Khadr’s Lawyer in hand-written note

A young Canadian terrorist arrested in New York for plotting a deadly bombing in New York City is seeking help from Omar Khadr’s lawyer. Abdulrahman El Bahnasawy, 19, wrote a note to a judge... Read more »

Refugees can dry up $20 million in Hotel cost fast says Toronto Councillor

The city of Toronto is proposing to extent hotel contracts as refugees from the United States keeps increasing. The extension calls for another $20 million that might last until the end of... Read more »

Ontario College Announces Strike Following Unsuccessful Negotiations

Over 12,000 members from the faculties of 24 public colleges in Ontario announced strike on Monday. The announcement came following the failure of negotiations between the faculty union and representative group of... Read more »

Naheed Nenshi holds a strong lead to be re-elected Mayor

Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi has a strong lead at 11 pm Monday night with 62,557 votes. Bill Smith sits in second place with 51,972 votes. CTV declared Nenshi victorious before 11 pm. BREAKING:... Read more »

Trailer Park Boys Actor John Dunsworth dies at age 71

Well known Canadian character known as Jim Lahey from the popular series Trailer Park Boys died Monday at the age of 71. John F. Dunsworth died peacefully said his daughter in an... Read more »