No Cannabis Before 21, Quebec Medical Board

The Association of Specialists in Emergency Medicine (ASMUQ) joins its voice to that of psychiatrists to demand that Québec strictly regulate the federal law that will legalize the use of cannabis, in... Read more »

Yellowstone grizzly bears removed from list of protected animals

Grizzly bears in Yellowstone National Park and surrounding areas will be removed from the list of endangered species this summer, the US Secretary of the Interior said on Thursday, a move immediately... Read more »

Robin Hood Flour Recall Expanded Again

Recall details Ottawa, June 15, 2017 – The recall notice issued on June 2, 2017 has been updated to include additional product information. This additional information was obtained during the Canadian Food... Read more »

coconut oil isn’t as healthy for you as you think

TORONTO – How beautiful it is, how good it is, the coconut oil! The best invention sliced ​​bread! Oh no! The American Heart Association (AHA) has unveiled a study in which it... Read more »

Pet Owners Rally To Change Canadian Rental Laws

(Québec) A new animal protection act to Ontario, which voids any clause in a lease prohibiting animals in a dwelling, would result in a decrease in the number of pet pets discontinued... Read more »

Alternative Milk Study Finds Cows Milks Grows Taller Children

This is played a few centimeters. But children over 2 years old who drink soy milk are smaller than those who drink cow’s milk. Children who drink soy milk or almond milk... Read more »

Division within the Ottawa LGBT community

The decision by the organizers of the Pride Festival in the capital to ask Ottawa Police officers (SPO) who will participate in the parade not to wear their uniform has sparked strong... Read more »

georgia overdoses: wave of overdoses kills 2, leaves dozens hospitalized

Dozens in Central Georgia have been hospitalized in the last two days from pill overdoses. A release from the Department of Public Health says they’ve become aware of a potentially lethal substance... Read more »

Legal Chronicle: First Nations and Taxes

Marie-Claude André-Grégoire * is Innu and lawyer. She agreed to be our guide to the Indian Act, making us discover through her columns the ins and outs of a law with a colonialist... Read more »

Kativik School Board in Nunavik calls on the Minister of Education

The President of the Kativik School Board in Nunavik, Alicie Nalukturuk, asks the Minister of Education, Recreation and Sports of Quebec Sébastien Proulx to appoint a representative to resolve the issue of... Read more »